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Founded in 1983! Welcome to the oldest Mountain bike club on the PLANET! Since 1983, CBMBA has been creating, maintaining, advocating, and putting mad love into over 450 miles of single track in the North end of the Gunnison Valley. Crested Butte is one of the founding homes of Mountain Biking. We are Bike Culture! From the streets in Town to the miles upon miles of track surrounding our Towns, we eat, sleep, and breathe Bicycles and Trails.

All trail users benefit from the work and advocacy that CBMBA puts into our breath-taking backyard.  Help us to keep doing what we do with a donation, membership, or by volunteering at one of our workdays/events.  Check out our updated Master Plan, learn why this club is responsible for and has shaped Crested Butte culture, and get on track with the greatest trails and rides. 

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10/2/17 -SNOW/RAIN! We’ve been getting it good…. snow line @9750′, so many of the goods are under it. 403,401, Teocalli, Dr, RFBD…. you name it… any and all of the Alpine stuff and down pretty low. More snow today, then nicer weather following it up, so remember… if you’re seeing your track, you should probably go back! Hartman Rocks is riding SOOOOooooOOOO Good right now – mad love to Gunnison Trails and the Bureau of Land Management– Gunnison for the great work done there this summer.

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Chance to WIN!!!…. Was WON!!!

WINNERS: The Yeti Cycles SB5 goes to ………..Mark Zajkowski! From upstate NY, Mark has a new trail system going in near him and was looking for a new Mtn Bike. Looks like it found him. 2nd prize winner of custom CBMBA skis from Romp Skis… is a Buttian! Scott Fishman is already in touch with the ROMP boys and getting custom made skis. A new CBMBA ambassador! And the third prize goes to someone making a difference! Biologist David Inouye of Gothic, Colorado won the 2-night stay at the Mountain Chalet courtesy of Cristiana Guesthaus. So many thanks to those who supported us, to help us maintain our mission! And SO many thanks to YETI, ROMP Skis, and the CRISTIANA GUESTHAUS. That is amazing support! Pics of the prizes and their winners soon… gotta get em on them.

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