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Founded in 1983! Welcome to the oldest Mountain bike club on the PLANET! Since 1983, CBMBA has been creating, maintaining, advocating, and putting mad love into over 450 miles of single track in the North end of the Gunnison Valley. Crested Butte is one of the founding homes of Mountain Biking. We are Bike Culture! From the streets in Town to the miles upon miles of track surrounding our Towns, we eat, sleep, and breathe Bicycles and Trails.

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Trail Update 11.5.18

It’s time for fat biking! Budd Trail, Upper Loop, and Bridges are probably good to go on your fat bike! But only if its frozen; try not to get mud on the packed trails.


Otherwise, no more mountain biking up here in CB for a bit . . . Lots of snow yesterday! We’ll see if it warms back up and keep you posted, but for now, go enjoy Hartman’s! Go sky at Lily Lake, check out what Gunnison Trails is up to, go to ski conditioning classes, and start getting your skis and fat bike ready! We’ll be back with the Winter Trail Report once winter is in full swing!


If YOU are out exploring, hit us up with an observation! You are our best “eyes and ears” to know what the conditions are out there. Thanks for keeping us in the loop! We’ll keep the Trail Report up-to-date as we get out or hear from you.

Happy (Winter) Trails!

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