Welcome to CBMBA—the oldest mountain bike club on the PLANET! Since 1983 CBMBA has been creating, maintaining, advocating for, and putting mad love into 450+ miles of singletrack around Crested Butte.

CBMBA works to improve trails, conserve landscapes, and build community through volunteer trail work days, group rides, events, and a professional trail and stewardship crew, the Crested Butte Conservation Corps (CBCC). All trail users benefit from the work that CBMBA does. Help us build and maintain sustainable trails and conserve the landscapes around CB by making a donation, becoming a membervolunteering, or attending an event

Want to learn more about the singletrack around CB? Check out the Trail Report for info on our summer trails, and peruse the rides for ways to link the trails into epic loops.

Check out the County Trail Use Guidelines for biking in the time of covid. If someone needs to pass you, please step off the trail rather than riding off. Also, it’s easy to ride with a buff and pull it up as needed!



Crested Butte’s summer trails are covered in snow for the winter. Winter Trails grooming will commence when enough snow has fallen (hopefully mid December).

CBMBA Newsletter

CBMBA Newsletter

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