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Founded in 1983! Welcome to the oldest Mountain bike club on the PLANET! Since 1983, CBMBA has been creating, maintaining, advocating, and putting mad love into over 450 miles of single track in the North end of the Gunnison Valley. Crested Butte is one of the founding homes of Mountain Biking. We are Bike Culture! From the streets in Town to the miles upon miles of track surrounding our Towns, we eat, sleep, and breathe Bicycles and Trails.

All trail users benefit from the work and advocacy that CBMBA puts into our breath-taking backyard.  Help us to keep doing what we do with a donation, membership, or by volunteering at one of our workdays/events.  Check out our updated Master Plan, learn why this club is responsible for and has shaped Crested Butte culture, and get on track with the greatest trails and rides. 

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Trails Report 2018

5/18/18 – Snodgrass is Open!  Baxter riding 3 miles out and back. Deer Creek – gotta be close but will be snow up high in the final bits to the lunch spot. Teocalli Ridge – nope – holding big snow on the ridge and plenty of downed trees. Careful of the East Brush crossing at Canal/Farris (sign says Strand Bonus) – Death Pass side. Strawberry is that close too, but enough for us to work this weekend, and it’s a good one! Join us for CO Public Lands Day! Carpool depart at 9:15 from the 4-way (tennis court side), work starting at 10 from the beginning of Strawberry, on Farris Ck. Rd – accessed via Strand Hill Road. Bring the sturdy gloves and water, we’ll feed you and Upslope Brewing Company you after, along with the regular prizes and good times! Check out the Trails Report HERE for individual trail info broken up by the drainage it’s in.  Follow us on Facebook for all the latest updates and what conditions we’re observing.  And please send in your observations HERE – it takes an ARMY!

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May 19th – Colorado Public Lands Day – 1st 2018 Workday

CBMBA’s first 2018 Workday – Colorado Public Lands Day – Saturday, May 19th – 10:00am.  
Join us as we will to be working on the Strawberry (aka 402, but that’s a trail up in the Wildernes…) Trail mud bog.  That nasty fella in the middle of the downhill that will suck off one of your shoes!  We have a more sustainable and non-resource damaging re-route to put in around it.  Join us at 10:00 am (9:00 carpool from the 4-way) at the start of the Strawberry Trail on Farris Creek Road.  We’ll stage from there, look for the CBMBA trailer, and we’ll hike in 1.3 miles to the mud bog and re-route.  BBQ and prizes after – you know the CBMBA routine!  And stay tuned for more info from the WWF (Women’s Work Force) workdays or join the group on Facebook.
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