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Founded in 1983! Welcome to the oldest Mountain bike club on the PLANET! Since 1983, CBMBA has been creating, maintaining, advocating, and putting mad love into over 450 miles of single track in the North end of the Gunnison Valley. Crested Butte is one of the founding homes of Mountain Biking. We are Bike Culture! From the streets in Town to the miles upon miles of track surrounding our Towns, we eat, sleep, and breathe Bicycles and Trails.

All trail users benefit from the work and advocacy that CBMBA puts into our breath-taking backyard.  Help us to keep doing what we do with a donation, membership, or by volunteering at one of our workdays/events.  Check out our updated Master Plan, learn why this club is responsible for and has shaped Crested Butte culture, and get on track with the greatest trails and rides. 

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Winter Trails and Grooming

01/03/18 – No new snow of recent, but the fat biking is OFF THE CHARTS!  You name it, you can ride it! (As long as the prescribed use allows bikes)  The user compacted areas are nearly everywhere with minimal snow, so as long as it’s user compacted – it’s riding. The Upper Loop area is amazing – from Hunter Hill to the bottom of Whetstone.  Slate River and Washington Gulch all user compacted.  The Kebler drainage is a maze of snowmobile trails and routes that make for MILES of riding and loops – and many thanks to Gunnison County Snotrackers for grooming the road and the Lily Lake Loop.  Gothic was groomed last week and is very well compacted, and Al Smith has been doing his amazing thing down in Cement Creek.  Brush Creek is user compacted, but we haven’t groomed out there yet.

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CBCC Thank You!

Well, we did it! After years of discussion about the increasing impacts in our backcountry, reduced funding and resources, longer seasons and usage, and how to deal with growing numbers, we finally succeeded in pulling off a full time, on the ground, trail care/stewardship crew this past summer. We at CBMBA are so proud of the CB Conservation Corps. We could not be any happier with how successful it was in its inaugural year. It was truly a Backcountry Revival.  Read the full letter HERE.


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