2021 Annual Report

A message from CBMBA's Executive Director, Dave Ochs

It never fails, it never falters. The hunger for sustainable trails in Crested Butte is an unquenchable beast. The only thing that can tame a beast of that magnitude is the volunteers, the supporters, and the amazing people of the Gunnison Valley. 

In 2021, we finished three years of immensely hard work to complete the Middle Cement Creek Trail. 11 years of planning, 3 years of building, 17 workdays, and over 3,000 hours were realized to finish the trail, of which over 2,300 were volunteer hours. The build was extraordinary and once again, the amazing volunteers reached a new zenith in their efforts to truly move earth, by hand. The efforts never fail to amaze, and we are so lucky to have this community of trail builders. 

Also in 2021, CBMBA took a huge step with the help of our dedicated supporters to purchase a garage and office space in Riverland. In these times of ever-growing real estate costs, we cannot consider ourselves more lucky, more grateful, than to have a permanent home for CBMBA. For those who went above and beyond, we can truly never thank thee enough. Come visit CBMBA headquarters at 744 Riverland Drive.

During the second of pandemic years, we were further made aware of the importance of good, healthy, quality outdoor recreation. For our mental health, our spirit, and our soul, nothing quenches that need like aspen-laden, spruce-lined, or high-alpine singletrack, and a clean backyard. At CBMBA, we are proud of the work we have done to continue the great legacy of trails in the Gunnison Valley. We are humbled by the support we receive and are blown away by the community that heeds the call and comes together to build trails. 

We look forward to another year of trail building, maintenance, and stewardship in 2022, and we can’t wait to see you on the trails. 

Q & A With CBMBA's 2022 Keeper Of The Trail, Jonathan Cuppett

CBMBA: Describe your first interaction with CBMBA.

Jonathan: My first experience was putting in the Point Lookout Trail. I recall the specific section that I was helping with, and a few rocks that we put in that are still holding strong. I remember how much trail building events contribute to building relationships in the local community.

What tool do you prefer to work with on the trail and why?

The Pick/Hoe. Narrow on one end for chopping roots or heavy soil, wider on the other for bench cutting bliss.

What is your favorite trail?  

You know you are having a good day if your ride includes Waterfall Cutoff!

What’s your favorite Ska beer to consume at a workday?  

They are all so tasty that I just close my eyes and plunge my hand into the ice for a surprise. When I pull out the Rue B. Soho Grapefruit Lager, I know I must have put in a good day and the beer gods are rewarding me.

How has your life changed since being crowned “Keeper Of The Trail”?

I often find myself wearing a disguise in town because everyone wants a selfie with me, and I haven’t paid for a drink since that fateful day. I was unaware of how good life could be until I was named the “Keeper”.

What is a favorite memory involving CBMBA? 

There are many, but more recently there was a juvenile great horned owl in a tree where we were putting in the “log ride” on Middle Cement. The owl stayed there all day while chaos was going on all around on the ground. Make sure to give a couple Hoots every time you “ride the log” in remembrance of our feathered friend.

What advice can you offer other “Keeper Hopefuls”?  

If playing in the dirt with your friends, eating BBQ and drinking beers, building trails that you can then ride on, making new friends in your community, and being a part of something much bigger than yourself are things that interest you, then you might just have a shot at actually becoming a “Keeper”.


2021 CBCC Season Highlights

CBMBA would like to recognize the 2021 CBCC Crew, pictured from left to right): Alex Banas (designated camping project lead & Crew Leader), Michael Salat, Nick Catmur (Operations Manager), Grant Spear (Crew Leader), Jake Scott, Seve Petersen, Gus Bullock, Hunter Grosvenor, and Tucker Andrews (not pictured). 

Trail 403: Over 2.5 miles of trailwork in June and July extending from the trail’s high point down to its termination on Gothic Road. Highlights from the project include:

– minor reroute of a blind corner that improved safety and flow

– reworking rutted fall line sections into surfy and long-lasting wiggles

– clearing of sight lines

– drainage work in wet areas

This project really shows off what our crew can do to improve the flow and durability of a trail when they can focus on a single top-down project. We are especially proud of the positive feedback received from the local mountain bike community!

Mud Slides (aka Trail 911!): You may remember the incredibly heavy rainfall in late July and early August that resulted in multiple mud slides. Two of these slides heavily impacted the Budd Trail and Tony’s Trail, making small sections of each trail completely unrideable. The CBCC adjusted their schedule to give these trails immediate attention, and had both trails cleared of the heavy mud and debris within a few days to get riders back on trail and avoid trail braiding.

Colorado Rocky Mountain School (CRMS): The CBCC has partnered with CRMS for the past three summers to host a trail building day with high school students from the Carbondale-based school. This year, 18 students helped construct a reroute along the old Fenceline Trail, just north of the Middle Cement Creek Trail. With their help, we knocked this short reroute out in one day. It was great to give the kids a fun new project that they were able to come back and ride the next day!

Trail 401: Much like the crew did on 403, 401 also received top-down maintenance over 6.5 miles. This project was unique, as we were directly contracted by the Forest Service to complete a list of backlogged maintenance projects over a 4-week period through the Great American Outdoors Act. The CBCC was able to complete all tasks outlined by the Forest Service, including 250 ft. of turnpiking, replacement of an old bridge, construction of 1,000 ft. of reroutes, improvement or construction of 50+ drainage features, and decommissioning of 130 ft. of braided trail. We heard from many of you that 401 was in the best shape you’d ever seen, and our partners at the Forest Service were complimentary as well. Thank you!

Completion of the Designated Camping Project: On behalf of the US Forest Service, the CBCC finalized the designated camping project this fall throughout the Slate River, Washington Gulch, Brush Creek, Kebler Pass, Cement Creek, and Gothic drainages. Infrastructure including permanent fire rings, site posts, parking spots, and signage was installed at 208 sites. The prompt completion of this project is a major success and demonstrates the effectiveness of partnerships among various land managers and stakeholders.

2021 Stats:

1057 People reached

188 Trees cleared from trails and roads

51.3 Miles of trail worked on

1415 Campsites cleaned

106 Fire Rings decommissioned

123 Designated Campsites installed

913 Pounds of trash removed

1,206 CBMBA Members

1,407 Volunteer Hours

3,004 Newsletter Subscribers

148,463 Webpage Views

Thank you to our 2021 Partners, Donors, and Sponsors!

Trail SUPER Heroes

The Budd Family
Doug Bradbury & Sally Johnson
Ryan, Wynn, and Gus Martens
Diana Gibson & Nick Stevens
James & Jenny Ward
The Haney Family
Andy & Julie McNeill
Kerry & Kathy Rice
Angela Moore & Bill Miller
David & Lisa Flesher
The Fahrenbruch Family
Sam Myers & Kelsey Wirth
The Haddaway Family
Stuart Crow
Anonymous, in recognition of Tim Assor

Trail Heroes

The Wuttke-Atkins Family
Erin & John Lawrence
Hero Kit
The Rinderle Family
Harry Miller
The McLean Family
Ian & Theresa Schaul
Donovan Nickel
Laura & Douglas Johnston
Dick & Rodi Whiting
The Dea Family
The Matzelle Family
The Hise Family
Kirk & Kelly Tattersall
Tom Heine
Wylie & Margaret Johnson
Blake Hawk
The Bever Family
Anonymous (2)

Trail Stewards

Janet R. Farmer

Marco & Rebecca White

The Bischoff Family

Pam & Karey Low

Chris Ray

Tom & Alaine Cosgrove

R Poc

Bob & Barbara Probe

Frank Stern & Caroline McLean

John & Susie Rademacher

Rocky Kimball

Don & Jenny Ochs

The Duffy Family

Matthew Erickson

The Freemans

Kate Maher & Matthew Rothe

Sarah & Jimmy Faust


Karl Zachar & Kara Buckley

The Oscar Family

The Sømme Family

Robbie Robinson

Dave & Carole Ebner

Harvey Castro

The Bryant Family

The Powell Family

Dan Estey

GSBoulder Cycling Club

The Cadenhead Family

In Memory of Peter Youngwerth

The Williford Family

Lauren Dix & Steve Thompson

Lawson Reilly

Bob & Lauren Lange

Jafar Tabaian & Lauren Bock

Mary & Dick Allen

Denise Ricks, Mad Moose Events

Dave Tyler

The Petrocelli’s

The Spinney Family

Rich Tocher & Julie Vlier

McCaleb Family Foundation


Ian Billick & Jennie Reithel

The Garber Family

Kurt & Peggy Schrammel

Tim & Jen Baker

Kim & Matt Johnson

The Nolan Family

Bill Ronai

Craig Meier & Judy Harris

Deborah Coonts

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Teeter

Cathy & Joe Ochs

In Recognition of the 1971 Tombstone High Homecoming Queen

Thomas & Lia Smith


James Stormont

Sam Lumb

P T Currie

Debbie Phelps

Rich & Kathy Smith

Wes & Benita Bellamy


Jonathan Cuppett & Carolyn DeGroot

Seth Novatt & Priscilla Natkins

Michael Ukropina

John Flanigan

Scott Houdek

Susie Phillips

Walther Schoeller

Annie and Bo Davis

John Simmons

Mark Moskowitz

R. Clayton Jernigan

James & Susan MacLean

Mark Cavaliero & Martha Waterhouse

Dean & Amy Brooks

Linda Fontaine

Jeff Stevenson

Nellie & Eric Hester

Ross & Melissa Tackett

Seth Tucker & Sarah Stoll

Brian & Allie Pugh

Travel Crested Butte

Kemble Widmer

Anonymous (2)

Scott Schofield

Peter Schramm

Shannon Callahan & Family

Sarah Keene

Debra Ann Cameron & Jeffrey Hallett

Tom & Kim Zeiner

Mark Gloeckler

Jennifer Williams

Vic & Candace Shepard

Daniel F. Kenneally

Dana Albright

Annette & Mark Miller

Heidi Lange

Thomas Beier

Warren Willey

Kevin Beltz

Katherine & Richard Bellon

John & Katie Meyer

Leah Fischer

Stanton Henry

Matthew Kosakowski

Robert Kaufmann

Hillary Quarles

Mara Del Margo

Nicholas Vondrak

Dustin Stock

Bruce Bahnsen

Kerry Young

Jeannette & John Williams

Mark & Andie Holman

Zak Banks

So many thanks to ALL of our supporters at ALL levels!


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