New for 2024 is the CBMBA Backcountry Outreach Crew (BOC)

In addition to our full-time trail care and stewardship crews, the CBCC, we’ve added a specific outreach and education component on the weekends during the busiest weeks of the summer. On Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, look out for our CBCC Backcountry Outreach Crew (BOC).

You will find them in any of the drainages surrounding Crested Butte, where they will be tending to busy trailheads and parking areas. They will be there with a wave and a smile, helping to educate users, minimize impacts on resources, provide camping and trail information, give out PACT Outdoors bathroom kits and WAG bags, pick up trash, collect user data, and provide more boots on the ground to help instill an even greater stewardship ethos amongst users and visitors.

The BOC is already at it for the season(week 2), and we’ll be out there with this further CBCC reach until August 11th. Like our 6 CBCC trail care crews, our 4 BOC members are an eager and energetic crew looking to help steward our beloved backyard.



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