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CBMBA is passionate about trails, sure. But we’re also incredibly passionate about the beauty in our own backyard. Part of the reason we started the Crested Butte Conservation Corps is that we love the nature around CB so much we wanted to really do something to care for it. We love riding bikes and hiking, but not just anywhere. It is this special place that inspires us.

And so, we’re excited to share a new artist with you that has captured the beauty of CB in photos and paintings: Lori J. Welch Art & Photography. Lori is a former local (and now frequent visitor in her camper) who has combined her passion for Crested Butte, mountain biking, painting and photography to bring you magical mountain moments.

She’s captured the breathtaking scenery from our favorite trails in images that can stay with you, all year-round. hanging on your wall year-round. Her passion for CB goes beyond creating art, though. She has offered to invest part of each purchase back in caring for and maintaining CB by donating 5% of the purchase price of all trail paintings and photographs to the Crested Butte Mountain Bike Association. Her photography is available in a variety of formats – canvas, metal, wood, prints, greeting cards, and more.

If you’re intrigued by what you see, check out her website, or stop by her tent at CB Bike Week to say hi in person.


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