Building Trails, Building Community

We need Yodas out there, but we need worker bees, too!

Here’s why you should join us for our trail work weekend, regardless of your trail background. 


Kids getting after it on 403!

Work days are just as much about digging in the dirt as they are about spending time with fellow trail enthusiasts. Maybe you just moved here and haven’t established where you fit in, or maybe you’ve been here a long time, but your “crew” is dwindling. Quite possibly, you may be someone who is super connected in Crested Butte already and you just want to dig in the dirt, drink beer with friends, and be inspired by how many new people show up to the overnight. Regardless of your reasons, we hope you come out to volunteer this weekend to give back to CB while solidifying a “sense of place” for yourself in your community, whether it is new to you or decades old.


The goal is simple: create something awesome that everyone can enjoy for a long time. No one is making a profit from this, you aren’t getting a grade, and it only works when the community–aka YOU–shows up. If you’ve never done any trail work before, come practice some new skills! If you’re an experienced trail builder, come share your hard-earned knowledge with someone who wants to learn from you.

Backsloping on 403


CBMBA workdays are unique in the sense that people of all ages come together with one goal in mind, and then stick around to celebrate! You can bring your family, you can come for the whole weekend, or you can stop by for a few hours if that’s all the time you have. We love having huge support from our local sponsors so that we can hand out tons of prizes, too.


For more information, check out our event page, and please give us a heads up if you plan to be there Saturday evening (email so that we have a head count for dinner. Hope to see you out there!


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