Cattle Back in the High Country!

Cattle SignCATTLE!!!! It’s that time folks! Our good friends of the Ranching Community are coming back into the High Country. On Friday July 8th, and again on Monday, July 11, there will be Cattle Ranching Op’s on Brush Creek Rd. There will be unloading of cattle on Brush Creek Rd at Trampe Ranches on Friday, and then on Monday the cattle will be moving from Trampe Ranches (just beyond the Canal Trail exit) to Strand Hill Road up to Farris Creek Road. If you are planning on recreating in the Brush Creek area on Friday or Monday, you will quickly realize you should go somewhere else. After the cattle are set in their grazing areas, do remember they were here first – we are guests and our impact is very critical to their operations. We have a right to be there, but let’s be the best partners out there. Don’t spook cattle, don’t yell at them, and check your speed. CLOSE gates! Horses and Ranchers are also working, so be aware and be nice! Let them know you are there, ask them how to pass, and always, always smile and be cordial. These are great friends and have many similar values with many of us responsible users. We love our Country! Let’s share it well and in a productive way!


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