CBCC Update – August 23, 2018

R-E-S-P-E-C-T (RIP, Queen of Soul)

CBCC Update – Week 15

Educating the Masses!

It’s funny how there can be seasons within the season.  We have such a short one, summer/busy season that is, it’s funny that it can be divided up into smaller segments.  The segments have their own characteristics.  This segment is the one that is harder to stomach.

We love our backyard so dearly that, at this point, many of us have hit a use threshold.  Over the course of the summer, impacts build, frustration builds. And add to that–in this mini-end-of-season season–we see a different user and more impacts that do not RESPECT what we love and live here/visit for.  August seems to bring more toys, bigger vehicles, bigger footprints, and bigger impacts.  The campgrounds and trailheads don’t have as many people, but they are overrun in sheer size and larger impacts.

We’ve seen UTV’s rallying and tearing up the Slate River. We’ve seen more ebikes on non-motorized trails.  We’ve seen groups of motos heading out in large numbers in the pouring rain.  We’ve seen mountain bikes riding off trail (illegal on the Forest).  We’ve heard of aggressive physical behavior from a local rider who doesn’t think the rules apply to him as he accosted a 63 year old woman, let alone his treatment of the local CB Devo crew.  The aggressive behavior is not acceptable, let alone the tirade in front of the younger generations.  They don’t need to see or hear that. What kind of an example is that?

The Colorowdies on Snodgrass

RESPECT means so much for our future, our access, our relationships with our partners and neighbors.  Trespassing, not heeding closures and rules, dogs off leash or in areas signed “no dogs”, riding off route/trail, poor sportsmanship, and disrespect for rules and resources have seemingly run rampant in the front end of August.  We’re over the hump; here’s to hoping September is going to quiet those impacts down a bit.

Backsloping and De-Trenching

The CBCC has been very busy collaborating with many different organizations and entities.  We’ve worked alongside the CB Land Trust and Mt. CB to realize a hike/bike version of Teddy’s Trail. We were proud to have the Colorowdies here to volunteer for a day and help us finish that project, which the Women’s Work Force (WWF) started.  We’ve been working with the Town of CB to realize a 22’ bridge at the first creek crossing on Baxter Gulch.  Workdays with the WWF, CB Devo, and CBMBA have seen a job done that required a helicopter, but instead we did it by hand!  We’ve been on the Monarch Crest with Leave No Trace, the Salida Ranger District, and Gunnison Trails. We’ve been working in the Wilderness (Copper Creek Trail) cutting trees and adding drainage for better trail sustainability. We’ve also been working on some motorized trails (409.5 and Farris Creek) to soften ruts and allow them to shed water better.  We’ve been working alongside the GCBTA to get more signs and user information out there. More maps coming soon!

We’re getting into the time of the year where we can really focus on trail and resource sustainability.  Please keep the observations coming, and let us know what you are seeing out there and where the CBCC can help! And remember, whether you’re interacting with wildlife, the trails, visitors, locals, or other users–follow the Queen of Soul’s Golden Rule: R-E-S-P-E-C-T.  – Dave


See How the Baxter’s Bridge Took Shape!

CBCC Prepping the Ground

WWF Hauling in Decking

Wednesday Work Day Crew Hauling in Boards

The Foundation

Getting close!

CB Devo Finishes it Off!


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