CBMBA Master Plan

2016 edition



CBMBA “Guiding principles” are a list of concepts CBMBA refers to when deciding the validity and priority of proposed projects.

  1. CBMBA encourages the development and marketing of all of the valley’s drainages so that any one particular drainage does not get overwhelmed.
  2. Trail diversity. CBMBA believes in developing a network of trails that offers options for riders with a wide spectrum of skill and fitness levels.
  3. CBMBA values the importance of trail projects that encourage bikers to ride off of roads and onto singletrack trails.
  4. Trail projects close to high population areas including Mt. CB, CB, Brush Creek, CB South are of high importance.
  5. Connectivity of drainages. Trails connecting major drainages have high priority. CBMBA hopes all local drainages can eventually be traversed and connected by singletrack trail.
  6. Singletrack connectivity. Using the development of Hartman Rocks as an example, CBMBA strives to have one singletrack trail lead into another singletrack trail in close proximity.
  7. CBMBA values building trails with sustainability first and foremost in mind so as to limit the need for future maintenance.
  8. CBMBA avoids maintaining unsustainable sections of trail, giving preference to aligning trails that have a higher chance of long-term sustainability and minimal maintenance.
  9. Collaboration. When serving the mountain biker’s interest, CBMBA encourages collaboration with all user groups, government, and non-government organizations.
  10. Preference for working on non-motorized trails over motorized.
  11. CBMBA supports the development of loop options of varying length.
  12. Overnight work days should be reserved for somewhere relatively remote.

Disclaimer: The following document is a conceptual plan. This is a living document and may include the elimination or addition of additional routes in the future. The trails are conceptual with approximate starting and ending points. Many of the trails have not been scoped on the ground and exact alignments will be decided upon approval of the trail concept. CBMBA does not presume to have permission to cross private property or implement any trail plan without permission from all proper authorities.


The cyan-colored lines in the map represent new trail concepts. You can click them for more info. Each new trail concept is presented below.

Table of Contents


Brush Creek Overview


With incredible short, medium, and long singletrack loops, and strong connectivity to neighboring drainages, the Brush Creek Area has historically been in many ways the heartbeat of the Crested Butte singletrack network. Important defining features include Brush Creek’s close proximity to the town of Crested Butte and the growing developments off of Brush Creek Road, as well as historical ranching operations and multi-use characteristics.
CBMBA goals in the area include creating more singletrack connectivity in the Strand Hill/Farris Creek area, and improving the Deer Creek Trail’s connectivity with the Gothic drainage. CBMBA would also like to create a route that circumnavigates Crested Butte Mountain. CBMBA recognizes that Brush Creek is a critical area for ranching activity and continues to work, in cooperation with ranchers, to alleviate negative recreational impacts on ranching operations.

Trail Projects


CBMBA would like to significantly improve the Deer Creek Trail in order to make the trail ride well in both directions. CBMBA feels improving the connectivity between Gothic and Brush Creek drainages is of high importance.

BC 1a. Wall Reroute

Realign “the Wall” on the initial Deer Creek climb out of Brush Creek. Several switchbacks or climbing turns near the existing trail would create a more user-friendly experience and self-sustaining trail.

BC 1b. Trampe reroute

Re-route section of trail on the Gothic side of Deer Creek to move track from private property onto Forest Service land. We will work in conjunction with the Forest Service to make sure this high quality trail has minimal impact and meets the requests of Bill Trampe.

BC 1c. Black Hole

Sustainably realign section by “black hole” to allow for some climbing turns heading from Gothic to Brush and some bermed turns on the descent. A realignment will allow for more flow, improve drainage, and minimize rutting and poor drainage.

BC 1d. Deer Creek to Brush Creek Road

Extend Deer Creek singletrack from Green Gate to Brush Creek Rd. Trail would be an incredible downhill or climb and would get riders off of the jeep road and onto singletrack.


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BC 2a. Teocalli Downhill Extension

CBMBA would like to extend the singletrack downhill to connect with “Death Pass”/Farris Creek Junction.


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CBMBA feels that it would be a great amenity to our community if riders could circumnavigate Crested Butte Mountain entirely on a continuous singletrack trail.

BC 3a. Upper/Upper to Brush Creek Parking Lot

CBMBA proposes extending the Upper/Upper Loop trail to the Brush Creek Parking Lot. This trail would get riders off of the road and onto an amazing downhill trail instead of riding down a busy jeep road to access the Strand Hill area trails.

BC 3b. East River Trail

This trail would include the new East River Trail currently being planned with Crested Butte Mountain Resort (CBMR). We will work in conjunction with CBMR, the Forest Service, and Bill Trampe to make sure this high quality trail has minimal impact. This trail would wind its way around the mountain to the East River area of CBMR ideally connecting into the Meander Trail and the Crested Butte Mountain Resort Trail network. Alignment should work its way up the flanks of Crested Butte Mountain, staying away from Trampe lands while still accessing the East River Area.


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CBMBA sees the Strand Hill area as a great location for a more high-density trail network. The Strand Hill area has a high volume of established historic trails. CBMBA would like to connect these trails into one continuous singletrack network.

BC 4a. Strand Ridge Trail

CBMBA wants to improve existing sections and add new singletrack trail along Strand Hill Ridge to connect to the existing Strawberry Trail. This connector trail would add more loop options and improve user experience in a very popular trail system. Optimally, this would be a downhill-only expert trail.

BC 4b. Strawberry to Canal Trail

CBMBA would like the Strawberry Trail to turn left prior to river crossing and extend back to the Canal Trail and into the Strand Hill singletrack network. This would allow riders to ride the Strawberry Trail without crossing Brush Creek and to return back to the trailhead via the Strand Hill singletrack network.

BC 4c. Strand Bonus to 409

CBMBA proposes to extend the Strand Bonus Trail so that it will connect with the 409 and 409.5 trails.

BC 4d. Ambush Ranch Trail

CBMBA would like to create a trail that connects West Brush to Canal through the Budd family property utilizing their existing bridges. A low impact sustainable trail allowing riders coming down Teocalli Ridge to access Canal safely over Brush Creek. The singletrack would connect West Brush to Canal through the Budd family property. CBMBA intends to work in conjunction with the Budd family and the Forest Service to create a low impact, sustainable trail.

BC 4e. 409.5 Mud Bog realignment

Sustainable reroute around mud bog.

BC 4f. Canal Deck

Add a bridge over the Canal Exit including slight re-alignment where trail meets the ditch.


Table of Contents

BC 5a. Deer Creek Trail:

Necessary maintenance on the Deer Creek Trail includes:

  • Reworking water drainage
  • Additional armoring on creek crossings
  • Repair benching where necessary to ensure a more durable trail

Maintenance should be conducted every other year to ensure a well maintained trail. In addition to this scheduled maintenance, CBMBA wants to work with the Forest Service and ranching community to add rollovers to existing fencing to eliminate gates. Rollovers will improve trail user experience and minimize risk of gates being left open and cattle escaping. We are hopeful that this action will strengthen our relationship with the local ranching community.

BC 5b. Strawberry Trail

This trail has been overlooked for some time and needs general maintenance.
Planned maintenance includes:

  • Bench cutting
  • De-berming rutted areas
  • Adding rolling grade dips
  • Cleaning up water drainage for the entirety of the trail
BC 5c. Happy Hour Trail

Additional buffing of trail, add berms, pull down off camber portions of trail and remove rocks that drive riders from the alignment.

BC 5d. Farris Creek

Conduct standard maintenance on Farris Creek Trail as needed.

BC 5e. Teocalli Ridge Climb

Minimal re-route on rutted, unsustainable portions of Teo Ridge trail, specifically on the ridge.

BC 5f. 409.5 Meadow Realignment

CBMBA proposes a realignment of the braided meadow section of 409.5 between Point Lookout and the entry of the trail into the dark timber. We would like to re-route unsustainable sections of 409.5. To do so we would engage GOATS for support to improve the trail, in particular the top section near Point Lookout. Additionally, CBMBA would like to add a short connection to Point Lookout.


Cement Creek Overview


The Cement Creek Valley is an integral part of the Crested Butte mountain bike network. Some of the more defining characteristics include the abundance of singletrack opportunities, the proximity to a high population center in Crested Butte South, and its multi-use characteristics.
CBMBA’s proposed primary goals in this region include building trails that offer riders options to get off of the busy and unsafe road, to eliminate and realign unsustainable sections of trails, and to create more singletrack connectivity.

Trail Projects


CBMBA recognizes that Cement Creek Road is incredibly busy and dangerous in the high summer months with vehicular traffic. CBMBA therefore proposes a series of projects to create a non-motorized Cement Creek Trail that extends from Crystal Peak to Caves. The new trail will be located close to Cement Creek Road to limit any habitat fragmentation.

CC 1a. Fenceline

CBMBA proposed to annex the existing Fenceline Trail into the system trail network. This will require a realignment off of private property. This trail is a popular historic mountain biking route that gets riders off of a narrow and dangerous section of Cement Creek Road.

CC 1b. Warm Springs Trail to Lower Cement Creek Trail.

A trail connecting Warm Springs to Lower Cement would get riders off of a very dangerous narrow section of Cement Creek Road and would create critical singletrack connectivity in the Walrod Gulch Trail Network area.

CC 1c. Fenceline to Warm Springs

Trail would be close to Cement Creek Road to minimize any impact on wildlife. Trail would bisect Warm Springs in the large meadow at the top of the first climb.

CC 1d. Lower Cement Creek to Cave’s Parking lot

Part of the Riders off the Road Project.

CC 1e. Crystal Peak to Upper Cement

The final piece of the Cement Creek Trail would allow riders to ride from Crystal Peak Pass to the Caves Parking lot entirely on singletrack trail.


Table of Contents

CC 2. Walrod Gulch Area


CBMBA views the Walrod Gulch area as a great opportunity to develop a higher density trail network that would greatly benefit the population of Crested Butte South. The goal would be create multiple shorter loop options and singletrack connectivity. The sections of the Cement Creek Trail Project from the Caves Parking Lot to Warm Springs Trail would be incorporated into the Walrod Gulch Project.

CC 2a. Walrod “Wall” reroute

CBMBA proposes a contour trail from the Walrod Cutoff trail to the top of the “Wall hike-a-bike.”

CC 2b. 412 Extension 405.2A Reroute

CBMBA proposes an extension of the 412 trail and a realignment of unsustainable sections of the 405.2a trail. The plan would be to extend the 412 trail until it reaches an elevation where the trail would contour to the Waterfall Cutoff and 405.2a trails on a sustainable alignment. Goals include eliminating and reclaiming unsustainable sections of 405.2a (AKA Hammer Trail).

CC 2c. Power line Trail

CBMBA proposes a short connecting trail from the Walrod Cutoff Trail to the Lower Cement Creek Trail. Project would include the reclamation of old Power Line Jeep Road.

CC 2d. Warm Springs Trail to Lower Cement Creek Trail.

A trail connecting Warm Springs to Lower Cement would get riders off of a very dangerous narrow section of Cement Creek Road and would create critical singletrack connectivity in the Walrod Gulch Trail Network area.

CC 2e. Lower Cement Creek to Cave’s Parking lot

Part of the Riders off the Road Project.


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The Eccher Gulch Trail is of high importance due to its low elevation, western exposure, and consequent early season accessibility. The overall project goals are to secure legal access and improve the overall rider experience.

CC 3a. Eccher Exit at 135

CBMBA proposes a realignment of the current trail onto State Land Board land to secure legal access to 135. Trail would terminate at the parking area by CDOT station.

CC 3b. Eccher Middle Reroute

CBMBA proposes a minor realignment of “hike-a-bike” section in the middle of the Eccher Gulch Trail.

CC 3c. Eccher Lower Jack’s Cabin Entrance

CBMBA proposes a contour trail from Jack’s Cabin Jeep Road that will connect at the junction of Roaring Judy Trail and Eccher Gulch.

CC 3d. Jack’s Cabin Downhill

CBMBA proposes a trail from the top of Roaring Judy Road to Jack’s Cabin Road. This trail would be a directional downhill only trail. The Jack’s Cabin area is south facing, in an area that does not receive as much snowfall and would, therefore, be accessible earlier in the mountain biking season. There is a call for downhill specific technical trails and this trail would fit that description.


Table of Contents

CC 4. Doubletop/Big Grassy Project


CC 4a. Upper 405 Reroute

CBMBA proposes working with the USFS, Parks and Wildlife, and GOATS to realigning cinder block sections between Block and Tackle and Trail 400.

CC 4b. Big Grassy

CBMBA proposes a new alignment for the old Big Grassy Trail that connects Hunter Creek Trail to the Top of Reno Divide.


Table of Contents

CC 5a. Waterfall Creek Trail Cut-off

Continue the cleaning and defining of this trail. We will focus on:

  • Creating more sustainable creek crossings, where possible
  • Bench cutting to the remainder of the trail
  • Repairing damaged areas
CC 5b. Walrod Gulch Trail (412) and Trail 405.2A

Perform general maintenance on this trail, including:

  • Maintenance to water drainages
  • Narrowing widened areas
  • Armoring the trail
  • Knocking down berms in rutted areas
CC 5c. Eccher Gulch Trail (559, 558, 552) and Granite Basin Trail

This trail would benefit from general maintenance and sustainable trail building practices. To achieve this, we want to:

  • Realign a few small sections of the trail
  • Add sustainable switchbacks and climbing turns to very steep sections of Trail 558, Trail 559, and Trail 552 that are currently not easily ridden
  • Better define Trail 552 and its access to Trail 558 and Trail 559
CC 5d. Warm Springs Trail (406)

CBMBA wants to perform general maintenance that includes:

  • Knocking down berms in heavily rutted areas
  • Decreasing the grade; and making the trail more sustainable by realigning two of the shorter and steeper aspects
CC 5e. Doctor Park Trail (424)

Continue general maintenance every other year to all sections of the Doctor Park trail in conjunction with the Forest Service as necessary.



Gothic/Washington/Snodgrass Gulch Overview

The Gothic/Washington Gulch area is perhaps the most famous mountain biking area in Crested Butte. A widely popular destination defined by incredible beauty, the Gothic area is facing management challenges due to increased exposure and popularity. CBMBA’s Gothic area trail plan recognizes the need to find a balance between recreational amenities, preserving natural resources, and protecting scientific research. CBMBA’s project goals in the area include maintaining and enhancing the trail experience on the 401 trail, improving connectivity between Gothic and Washington Gulch, and creating singletrack trail options off of Gothic and Washington Gulch Road.

Trail Projects

GWS 1. Mt CB to Gothic Trail

CBMBA feels strongly that we should work together with the Forest Service and the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory to create a new trail from the Snodgrass/Meander trailhead to the Gothic area, paralleling the contours the road. This trail would keep hikers and mountain bikers off of the busy Gothic Road and create a far better user experience in one of the most popular areas in Gunnison County. This trail could decrease traffic on Gothic Road and act as a commuter trail for those who live in Gothic.


Table of Contents



CBMBA would like the 401 trail to be a 100% singletrack experience from Schofield Pass to the Judd Falls Parking Lot. Create trails in areas of 401 and Lower 401 in place of the current route that requires riders and hikers to access short portions of the jeep road.

GWS 2a. Upper 401 to Lower 401

CBMBA would like to create singletrack from Upper 401 terminus to connect seamlessly to lower 401.

GWS 2b. 401 Homeowner reroute

Lower 401 briefly exits onto jeep road near Avery Campground; CBMBA would like to create a singletrack trail that would seamlessly connect to next section of singletrack.

GWS 2c. 401 to Judd Falls parking lot

CBMBA would like to build a sustainable singletrack that terminates on Gothic Road, providing a great access trail to lower 401 and the Judd Falls Trail.

GWS 2d. Avery Trail

CBMBA would like to create a new trail that begins at the Avery picnic area. This trail would use an old trail that begins just before the bridge on the Gothic Road/East River Drainage Area Plan and continue to Rustlers Gulch. This proposed trail would keep hikers and mountain bikers off of the very busy Gothic Road, and would provide for an all singletrack connection to the popular 401 Trail.

GWS 2e. 403 to Avery Link

Create a singletrack link between 403 and the proposed Avery trail.


Table of Contents



CBMBA would like to see a trail network in the Gothic Mountain and Snodgrass Mountain area. A connected singletrack network would allow riders to circumnavigate both mountains without riding on jeep road. The trails listed below combined together would allow users to ride around Gothic Mountain and Snodgrass Mountain on sustainably built singletrack and would alleviate pressure on Gothic and Washington Gulch Roads.

GWS 3a. Snodgrass Public Land Realignment

CBMBA would like to create a trail above the Allen property allowing the Snodgrass Trail to not be subject to seasonal closures. Currently the public is not able to connect the Gothic Valley with Washington Gulch in mid-August through October. This would allow users to enjoy one of Crested Butte’s favorite trails more than 2 months a year.

GWS 3b. Snodgrass to 403 Trail

CBMBA wants to create a new trail beginning at the (proposed) Upper Snodgrass Trail fence-line that would travel up Washington Gulch and connect to current trail 403. This trail would keep hikers and bikers off of the busy Washington Gulch road and would provide an excellent non-motorized trail experience in the Washington Gulch area.

GWS 3c. Snodgrass Peak (Ridge) Trail to Gothic Trail

CBMBA wants to create a new trail that connects the (proposed) Snodgrass Ridge Trail and (proposed) Gothic Trail. This trail would require working in conjunction with the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory and the Forest Service, within the CBMR Special Permit Use Area. This trail would help create a safe route away from the busy Gothic road and disperse impact in a popular area.

GWS 3d. Snodgrass Loop Trail

Connect Snodgrass to 403 trail to Snodgrass Ridge. This connection will allow riders to make a full loop of Snodgrass Mountain.


Table of Contents

GWS 4. Washington Gulch to Slate Trails

Perhaps the most glaring missing connection in the Crested Butte area, CBMBA hopes to work with land owners and local non-profits to connect Washington Gulch to the Slate River Valley. CBMBA is acutely aware that there are significant hurdles to accomplishing this task including private property and ranching considerations; as such, CBMBA hopes to be part of a collaborative effort to achieve this goal.

GWS 4a. Long Lake Trail

CBMBA proposes to build a legal, sustainable trail that would connect Washington Gulch Road to Gunsight Connector by going up and around Long Lake. This will create incredible connectivity between Snodgrass and the Lupine system of trails.

GWS 4b. Long Lake/Lupine 2

We propose to build a connecting trail from the above mentioned Long Lake trail providing singletrack access to Lupine 2 without having to ride Smith Hill Road. This would allow for alternate access over to Washington Gulch without having to ride up to Gunsight Connector.


Table of Contents

GWS 5a. Trail 401

As one of the most popular trails in the mountain bike world, CBMBA proposes to continually do routine maintenance and upkeep on Trail 401. CBMBA would also like to work in conjunction with the Forest Service in order to replace/repair existing bridges and water diversions along the trail. The top section after the climb needs a lot of work to adjust the alignment for more flow and less straight-line. Some of the berms need to be reworked.

GWS 5b. Trail 403

CBMBA would like to begin improving this trail as soon as possible. The trail needs general maintenance from start to finish to improve sustainability and rider experience. Re-alignments are necessary in spots, especially on the northern end, due to water drainage problems and a lack of sustainability. The work would include responsible and sustainable re-routes along Rock Creek. CBMBA would incorporate modern and sustainable trail building practices to increase user experience and trail longevity, while reducing resource damage.

GWS 5c. Snodgrass Trail (590)

CBMBA would like to continue working with the Allen Family on maintenance and upkeep on the popular Snodgrass Trail.


Kebler Pass Overview


The Kebler Pass area is a unique, beautiful area that offers incredible mountain biking opportunities. Immediately accessible from the town of Crested Butte, the Kebler area has amazing opportunities for short loop trails from town, longer epic loops into the Ruby Range, and ultimately long distance connections to our neighboring communities. From Kebler Pass, CBMBA envisions a trail system that connects to the towns of Gunnison, Paonia and Carbondale.

Trail Projects

KP 1. Ohio Pass/Green Lake Network

Green Lake 1 (4)

CBMBA would like to see the area west of the town of Crested Butte become a sustainable, accessible, quality trail network. Already blessed with numerous system routes, CBMBA would like to improve these routes so they can make seamless connections to the Baxter Gulch Trail and eventually a Crested Butte to Gunnison Trail.

KP 1a. Carbon Creek Reroute (436)

The Eastern portion of the Carbon Creek Trail is very steep and suffers from braiding, water damage, and heavy erosion in the high meadow areas. Adding switchbacks, climbing turns, rolling grade reversals, and bench cuts would greatly benefit both the landscape and trail user. CBMBA wants to lessen the grade of the trail and move the trail away from the creek where possible.

KP 1b. Trail 565

CBMBA wants to clearly define and improve the existing trail into the junction of Carbon Creek Trail. We would continue to improve the trail’s sustainability to the eastern junction with newly the built Baxter Gulch Trail. We want to create a seamless transition from the Baxter Gulch Trail to the Carbon Creek Trail.

KP 1c. Splain’s Gulch to Carbon Creek Trail

Much of this proposed alignment currently exists in various forms of road, trail, and double-track. CBMBA proposes to create a singletrack experience from these varied decommissioned routes that would ultimately create various loop possibilities in the Kebler Corridor area. (This trail would create access/loops with trails 436, 565, Baxter Gulch, Lily Lake, Para Mi Para Ti, Baxter Gulch, Green Lake Trail, Wildcat Trail, and the Wagon Trail). This trail would also be the ideal finish to the Gunnison to Crested Butte Trail, as it would dead end at the Wagon Trail, and provide the most user friendly experience for this proposed route.

KP 1e. Gunnison to Crested Butte Trail

CBMBA supports the Gunnison to Crested Butte Trail proposed by Gunnison Trails. CBMBA will work with the Forest Service and Gunnison Trails to sustainably design, lay out, and build this trail. CBMBA believes that this proposed trail will offer county-wide benefits, and would connect two recreation destinations. ROUTE NOT AVAILABLE YET.


Table of Contents


Dyke Rider

KP 2a. Wagon Trail (Anthracite Creek to Horse Ranch Park Section)

This trail is an important piece of the Crested Butte to Carbondale Trail, and its use would be equally important when combined with the Dyke Trail.

KP 2b. Wagon to Dyke

This proposed trail would provide a singletrack connection between the Kebler Wagon Trail via the Kebler Y and the Dyke Trail. This trail alignment would be appropriately set along the road to Irwin Lake, keeping cyclists off of the busy road and away from the private Irwin Town Site. The proposed trail would also provide Lake Irwin campers a singletrack experience and safe access to the Kebler Wagon Trail System, the Lily Lake Trail, and the entire Carbon Creek trail system.

KP 2c. Wagon Trail (Horse Ranch Park to Westside Stock Drive)

CBMBA wants to continue working on the connection of the Wagon Trail to Erikson Springs, the Raggeds Trail, and ultimately to its conclusion of the Crested Butte to Carbondale Trail. This section is critical so that users can loop together Dyke to Cliff Creek via Westside Stock Drive.

KP 2d. Wagon Trail (Existing East Terminus into Town of Crested Butte)

CBMBA wants to create a new trail from the town of Crested Butte to the current Wagon Trail. Kebler Pass Road is increasingly busy with vehicular traffic, making it a dangerous and dusty place for pedestrian and bicycle travel. The addition of this trail will greatly increase safety and user enjoyment. This trail would be part of the Crested Butte to Carbondale Trail.

KP 2e. Dark Canyon Loop Trail

During the USFS Travel Management Plan the Dark Canyon Trail and the Irwin Trail have been designated mechanized up to the wilderness boundary. CBMBA proposes connecting these trails via a new trail outside wilderness to create a great mountain biking loop in the Horse Ranch Park area.


Table of Contents

KP 3a. Lily Lake Trail (885)

CBMBA wants to:

  • Accurately define the tread of existing Lily Lake Trail
  • Connect existing sustainable singletrack with new trail, avoiding wet areas
KP 3b. Carbon Creek Trail (436)

CBMBA wants to:

  • Create grade reversals
  • Clean out existing water drainages and add water drainages, where needed
  • Increase bench cut in erosion areas
  • Armor the trail in historically wet areas
  • Consolidate the trail along the creek and wet areas
KP 4c. Kebler Pass Wagon Trail:

Specifically the section between Ohio Creek Road and the camping area on Irwin Lake Road. Realignment may be necessary in very short sections to avoid historically wet areas. We will attempt to shorten long switchbacks, creating lesser impact on total area and a better trail user experience.



Slate River Overview

The Slate River area is the closest drainage to the town of Crested Butte. Defined by steep mountains on both sides, CBMBA’s primary focus in this drainage is to continue to work with the CB Land Trust to expand and improve the Lower Loop and Lupine Trail Networks, and provide a non-motorized trail option off of Slate River Road.

SR 1a. Gunsight Bridge to Oh-Be-joyful campground. PROPOSED ROUTE COMING.

CBMBA would like to work with the BLM to create a trail that connects the Gunsight Bridge to Oh-Be-Joyful Campground creating easy access for campers to the Lower Loop Trail network.

SR 1b. Slate River Trail

CBMBA wants to improve the current Schuylkill trail loop from the north side of Oh-Be-Joyful Creek. This trail is a natural extension of the Lower Loop Trail system. This current trail network sees the highest level of use of all trails in the Crested Butte Valley. Maintaining this trail will disperse impact, create a destination for Lower Loop trail users, and add great value to the Crested Butte community. CBMBA will work with the community to increase awareness of and respect for the Allen family’s cattle that graze in the area. The Allen family has a grazing prescription for 8 or 10 weeks and all parties could consider managing this improved trail in the same way as Snodgrass Trail. This trail would decrease the number of hikers and bikers on Slate River road.


Table of Contents

SR2a. Slate River Corridor

CBMBA will continue to work with the Town of Crested Butte, the Land Trust, BLM and the Forest Service, as well as private entities to maintain and upkeep the well-used trails in this corridor.


CBMR Trail Network

CBMBA endorses the CBMR proposal to create an expanded trail network on Snodgrass Mountain. CBMBA is dedicated to working with the Forest Service and CBMR to create sustainable, beneficial recreation opportunities in the Snodgrass/CBMR Special Permit Use Area. We will continue to support CBMR with all existing trails, as well as the main mountain network of trails.



One of CBMBA’s primary guiding principles is to build trails that get riders off of busy, dusty roads and onto sustainable singletrack. The creation of these trails would allow for safer travel within and between drainages. As the volume of users and visitors continues to increase in the valley, CBMBA wants to minimize risk of interaction between autos, motorized recreation, and bike traffic. CBMBA feels these projects will have minimal to no impact on wildlife habitat fragmentation and will have great public benefit. The following trails are included in this project:

  1. CB South to CB (riders off hwy 135)
  2. Mt. CB to Gothic/ Avery Trail (riders off Gothic Rd.)
  3. Cement Creek Trail Project (riders off Cement Creek Rd.)
  4. Upper/Upper to Brush Creek Parking Lot (Riders off Brush Creek Rd.)
  5. Snodgrass to 403 (Riders off Washington Gulch Rd.)
  6. Wagon Trail. Town of CB to Horse Ranch Park (Riders off Kebler Pass rd.)
  7. Oh-Be-Joyful Campground to Pittsburg (Riders off Slate River Rd.)

Table of Contents



CCP 1. CB South to Town

CBMBA intends to support all efforts to connect the communities of Crested Butte and Crested Butte South. CBMBA feels it should be a high priority to connect our largest population centers by muscle-powered recreation.

CCP 2. Crested Butte to Gunnison Trail

CBMBA intends to work with Gunnison Trails, the Forest Service, and land owners to construct a singletrack connection between the town of Crested Butte and Gunnison.

CCP 3. CB to Carbondale

CBMBA intends to work with the Pitkin and Gunnison Counties to see this trail come to reality through Governor Hickenlooper’s 16 in 16 project. The highest priority sections are connecting the Wagon Trail to Horse Ranch Park and Lost Lake Rd.

CCP 4. CB to Aspen

CBMBA would like to see a singletrack trail from Star Pass to Aspen following the basic route of the Elk Mountains Grand Traverse. Singletrack exists up to Star Pass, but the route is multi-use, low quality jeep road from Star Pass to Aspen. CBMBA would like to, someday, see this become a singletrack experience to the Town of Aspen. Trail additions would be in Pitkin County.

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CBMBA has made a commitment to the USFS that any unsustainable trail that is realigned will be restored to a natural habitat to benefit the natural landscape and wildlife.

  • CBMBA 2013 – 405 trail rehabilitation project
  • CBMBA 2011 – Upper Cement Creek rehabilitation project