5-Year Trail Plan


Since 1983, CBMBA has been dedicated to providing the best trail experiences possible. We work to connect people to trails, nature, and each other through recreation and conservation. We host trail work days, group rides, and other events to foster a community grounded in fun and stewardship. Through CBMBA’s summer trail and stewardship crew, the Crested Butte Conservation Corps (CBCC), we also work to conserve the landscape and educate users about appropriate backcountry behavior. We’ve grown since 1983, but our vision is the same – work with local partners, stakeholders, landowners, municipalities, government agencies, and our biggest partner, the US Forest Service – to realize responsible, sustainable, and positive recreation amenities for ALL trail users!

This prioritization plan is no different! CBMBA originally put together a Master Plan in 2009, revised it in 2016, and has since prioritized projects into this concise 5-Year Trail Plan. The goal of the Plan is to guide safe, responsible, and sustainable recreation improvements and amenities to the current trail system in the greater Crested Butte area.

Please let us know what you think: support or criticism, both are an essential part of the public process.

cbcc plan


The 5-Year Trail Plan focuses on connectivity of trails and getting riders off the road. The proposed trails would allow for safer travel within and between drainages. They would also create better user experiences and encourage users to drive/shuttle less. As the volume of users and visitors continues to increase in the valley, CBMBA wants to minimize risk of interaction between autos, motorized recreation, bicycles, and other user traffic.

We have also tried to balance recreation and conservation needs in the Plan. CBMBA feels these projects will have minimal to no impact on wildlife habitat fragmentation and will have great public benefit. Many of the proposed are “parallel” trails in existing high use areas that will create opportunities for more beginner level singletrack. These trails will also mitigate impacts and congestion by dispersing riders on the trail system.


This is a plan of hopes and dreams. None of it is set in stone. We realize this plan is dependent upon many stakeholders and community collaborations, and so our desire is to gain consensus. With consensus, we can plan for the best possible outcomes. We can garner community support and work proactively with our partners. Our goal is to do what we’ve always done: to communicate and collaborate with our community to find common ground for a safe, responsible future of recreation.

Please join us on May 7, 2019 for the 5-Year Trail Plan Open House at the Crested Butte Town Hall to check out maps of the plan, to hear from local stakeholders, to ask questions, and to voice your opinion.

Download the Full 5-Year Prioritization Document to learn more.

Download a Map of the trails in the 5-Year Plan.

Check out the Long Range Master Plan.

cbmba 5 year prioritization plan



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