CBMBA Proposed Fat Biking/Winter Trails Plan

CBMBA is excited to announce our plan to provide not just the greatest summer trails around, but to do the same for the winter.  This amenity is something that will provide better winter trail experiences for ALL trail users.  Fat biking is growing, and along with putting on Fat Bike races the last 4 years, we hosted the  Fat Bike World Championships last year.  We are excited to continue the energy and momentum we’ve started, and we hope to partner with the FS, the County, CBMR, and some private stakeholders to bring you the best winter trails and winter trail experiences around.

Winter Grooming Proposal (and Pretty pictures!!!!)

Mission and Purpose:

To promote and create a Fat Biking experience and winter recreation amenity that stands out as unique and unparalleled as the cycling and trail culture is during the summer season in the greater Crested Butte area.

How you can help – how you can support:

Fat Bike Grooming/Winter Recreation Fact Sheet


Check out this great post from our friends at Share the Slate:

Share the Slate – Support for CBMBA’s proposal


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