2023 CBCC Crew, from left to right: Nick Simmons, Dave Ochs, Erik Stolz, Jake Scott, Hansen Lister, (Bowie), Alec Stolz, Grant Spear, Ben Simmons, Riley Gibson

The Crested Butte Conservation Corps (CBCC) is CBMBA’s professional trail and stewardship crew, which exists to help fulfill our mission: to build, maintain, and advocate for sustainable trails, and to steward the landscapes in and around Crested Butte.

Our summer volunteer work days also help us achieve our mission, but we realized it just wasn’t enough. The Gunnison Valley was seeing increased visitor numbers every year, and with more people came more impacts. More trash. More braided trails. More piles of TP and poo. More driving over wildflowers. 

In 2017, CBMBA decided we had to do something to help solve this problem. Thus, the CBCC was born!

The CBCC is on the frontlines of managing the impacts of visitors to our backcountry. They are in the field seven days a week during late spring, summer, and fall maintaining trails, clearing deadfall, and picking up trash. They provide trail interventions that mitigate erosion and water damage, which helps keep singletrack single and ensure trails can hold up to extensive use. CBCC Crews are on the trails and at trailheads, reaching out to visitors and leading by example for  how to leave no trace. The CBCC works on ALL trails for ALL users—from wilderness trails to non-motorized singletrack to motorized trails.

CBMBA is the umbrella nonprofit that administers the CBCC and coordinates their work with our partners. This allows the Corps to stay focused on their work on the ground.

On average, the CBCC clears 385 trees, works on 78 miles of trail, connects with 1,340 people, and removes 1,164 pounds of trash each year.

We partner with land managers, municipalities, and local organizations to ensure that our backcountry remains beautiful and sustainable so that future generations will get the chance to enjoy it like we do.

If you believe in the work the CBCC is doing, please consider supporting us with a donation.

Read the full reports from the 2022 season, 2021 season, 2020 season, 2019 season, and 2018 season.

Images of the CBCC hard at work making positive impacts in our backcountry! Photos by

Building sustainable trails means being proactive to mitigate future water damage.


Picking up litter at a popular trailhead to ensure everyone has a positive experience.


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