2018 Founders

So many thanks to the amazing people who support and energize the Crested Butte Conservation Corps! We are looking ahead to a stellar second year and are grateful for this support ahead of the coming season. We are so grateful to work with VOORMI again this year to provide all our Founders with a custom CBCC sweater, made from Rocky Mountain Merino Wool.  Colors/models may vary.

voormi sweater
voormi sweater 2


*indicates a Founder in 2017 as well

The Spinney Family

In Honor of Peter Youngwerth

The Oscar Family

Bill Miller

The Fahrenbruch Family

The Simmons Family

The Barnes Family – Avalanche Bar and Grill

Jennie Reithel and Ian Billick*

The Matzelle Family*

The Cadenhead Family*

Willa, Jordan, Luca, and Julian Williford

Rosalie and Kevin Ott*

Doug Bradbury and Sally Johnson

Lauren Dix and Steve Thompson*

Janet Farmer*

Dan Estey

Lauren Bock and Jafar Tabaian*

The Kraus Family*


Sarah Keene

Robbie Robinson

Donovan Nickel*

In Honor of Ethel Mae Bradbury

The Ochs Family*

The Budd Family*

Lee and Kathy Cannon*

Double Shot Cyclery

The Hise Family

Katie and John Meyer

The Clark Fitzgerald Continue the Beginning Fund*

Jenny and James Ward

Bill and Anne Ronai

Barbara Hammond and Tony Veit

Matthew and Leah Whiting*

Ian and Theresa Schaul*

Channing and Rose Boucher

Rodi and Dick Whiting*

Rich, Kathy, and Hannah Smith

David Flesher

Janet Giesselman

Kurt Giesselman

Craig Meier and Judy Harris

Steve and Shannon Brooks

Christopher Ray

The Pierson Family

The Warner Family

The Nolan Family*

In Honor of Julius & Ruth Kellman

Action Learning Associates*

Mack McDaniel

Deborah Wuttke*

Ian Hatchett*

Cathy and Joe Ochs

The Spinney Family

Erin and John Lawrence

The Hallett Family

Caleb Brewer – Peak Property Management*

Rebecca and Marco White*

Barbara and Morrie Dellinger

Bob and Lauren Lange

Hero Kit


Mount Crested Butte

The Town of Crested Butte

Mountain Express

Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory

The Crested Butte Land Trust

Crested Butte Development Team

Gunnison County

Gunnison-Crested Butte Tourism Association

US Forest Service – Gunnison Ranger District

Bureau of Land Management – Gunnison Field Office

Gunnison Valley OHV Alliance Trailriders

The National Forest Foundation




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