2019 CBCC Founders


Thank you to our 2019 Founders

Founders are the backbone of funding for the CBCC. Through an annual gift of $1000 or more, Founders sustain the CBCC. They are part of something bigger than any of us: Founders are creating an enduring legacy of conservation and stewardship in and around CB. Want to join the club?


The Budd Family*^

Janet Farmer*^

Caleb Brewer, Peak Property Management*^

The Oscar Family^

The Matzelle Family*^

The Fahrenbruch Family^

The Wuttke-Atkins Family*^

Barbara and Morrie Dellinger

Matt and Kim Johnson

In Honor of Peter Youngwerth^

Hero Kit

Ursus Arctos

Robbie Robinson

David Flesher^

The Hise Family^

The Bryant Family*^

Craig Meier & Judy Harris^

The Clark Fitzgerald Continue the Beginning Fund*^

Lauren Dix and Steve Thompson*^

The Nolan Family*^

The Spinney Family^

Rosalie and Kevin Ott*^

Jenny and James Ward^

Sarah Keene^

The Cadenhead Family*^

Jennie Reithel and Ian Billick*^

Katie and John Meyer^

Kurt and Janet Giesselman^

Willa, Jordan, Luca, and Julian Williford^

Bill Miller^

Rich, Kathy, and Hannah Smith^

Bill and Anne Ronai^

Donovan Nickel*^

Channing and Rose Boucher^

Gary Huresky

Ian and Theresa Schaul*^

Lauren Bock and Jafar Tabaian^

Martens Family Colorado Foundation

Peyton Budd and Will Blackstock

Kate Budd and Trevor Ardion

Dick Whiting*^

Rodi Whiting*^

Dan Estey

Robert and Lauren Lange^

James Maclean

The Haddaway Family

Doug Bradbury and Sally Johnson

Harvey Castro

Erin and John Lawrence^

The Hallett Family

Lia and Thomas Smith


The Somme Family

Diana Gibson and Nick Stevens

The Ochs Family

The Dea Family

Cary Kinross-Wright

Kim and Matt Johnson

Tom Loughlin



Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory*^

The Town of Mt. Crested Butte*^

The Town of Crested Butte*^

Gunnison County Tourism and Prosperity Partnership (TAPP) *^

1% for Open Space*

The Crested Butte Land Trust*^

Mountain Express^

Gunnison County Stewardship Fund/National Forest Foundation (NFF^)

GOATS*^ (Gunnison Valley OHV Alliance of Trailriders)

*denotes a Founder/Partner in 2017        

^denotes a Founder/Partner in 2018


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