Back to where it all began 5 years ago – where Lez Zeppelin played in 12 degree weather and we branded the first FBW (category) winner – the SE corner of Crested Butte (“Town Ranch”) is the staging area and Start/Finish for both the 5 lap (28.75 mile) and 3 lap (17.25 mile) race.


Course Description

Rolling in a clockwise direction, we’ll head out from Town Ranch onto the Teo Connector, then up the Rec. Path, Rudy’s Rollers, down the Gulch Connector, onto the Ditch Trail and then up to Middle Earth, then out the Maze and Tony’s back to Town Ranch. Utilizing all the CB Nordic trails, it’s a 5.75 mile loop this year.  Leaving the S/F, it’s a flat enough start until you hit the Rec. Path and the climbing begins. Up and away you go, breaking up the masses and then heading into Rudy’s Rollers where some Fatty skills will come in handy with ascending/descending, curves, and winter conditions! Head down and out of Rudy’s, and then over into Middle Earth for some climbing again at the base of the illustrious Mt. Crested Butte. This is also where you’ll find the Bacon Station and this year’s BOOTER! Head back to the S/F to lap it up and perhaps grab a feed. The fastest times in the past are just at 2 hours. Please note that the cutoff time for the 5th lap is 2:30.

Course is subject to change if the Gods of Winter demand it! As in previous years, expect plenty of shenanigans on course, and costumes are always encouraged!

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