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What: The CBCC has been building trail up at Long Lake this summer in partnership with the Crested Butte Land Trust. The goal is to create a one-mile long, easy, 42-inch wide, adaptive-friendly loop. The loop starts and ends from the top of the road along the southeast shore. This trail is designed with hikers and a variety of user groups in mind. The goal for the trail workday is to add distance so the CBCC can dial in the details.

When: Wednesday, September 7th, 4-7pm.

Where: See map below.  Limited parking at the Long Lake parking lot across the dam.  Then additional parking at the trailhead 7/10 mi. further north/west on Wash. Gulch Road.  Hike or bike in.  Can also hike in from the northern trailhead lot.  All on the map below – CBMBA HQ/Wolf Den is at the start of the trail.  

What To Bring: Work gloves, long pants, hat, boots or sturdy shoes, backpack for items you want on the trail, water and snacks for Saturday (we recommend you carry 2 liters on trail), sunscreen, all you need for outdoor in the Rockies.

What We Supply: Tools, direction, Ska Brewing, Grilling afterwards, and groovy Raffle prizes.


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