Fall Rides Galore!

Boy howdy, the riding season is not over yet! We have a boat-load of fall rides coming up! September 7 we’re doing our first Lady-Shred ride up at Evolution Bike Park. September 15 the Scott Junior Enduro Cup is happening at Hartman Rocks for our younger riders, and that same day the CBMBA Annual Fall Ride (group ride for all levels) is happening up in CB. September 21 GPLI is hosting a mountain bike ride at Signal Peak, in conjunction with CBMBA and Gunnison Trails, as part of their Exploration Series. And, last but certainly not least, our friends in Del Norte are hosting the 12 Hours of Penitence at Penitente Canyon on October 13. Phew. We’re tired just thinking about all the miles! But you should do them! All of them! Or don’t . . . whatever! Whether you join a group or go alone, just go ride your bike! #ridebuildmaintain



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