2017/18 Winter Trails and Grooming

12/15/17 – There is none to speak of!  There are user compacted areas going down and the stuff close to town is nearly riding like it does in the summer… AS LONG AS YOU RIDE WHEN FROZEN!  It’s still muddy and wet out there, and when the temps go over 32 and that gorgeous sun of ours is out…. stuff is still melting and the trails are wet and muddy.  Just b/c it’s winter – don’t forget – tracks remain! If you’re leaving a track – you should probably go back.  Or damnit, ride the thing, but harden up and be a mountain biker…. RIDE IT!  Don’t ride around and start all kinds of rampant gnar and bad memories for others.  We get more done by showing the good side.  So hop on the good foot and do the right thing!


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