Fat Biking is On!

The CBMBA grooming team has been hard at work creating trails for fat biking and other uses around the Valley. The trails up at Snodgrass are in incredible shape! Check out the North Village loop in the valley below the Snodgrass trailhead, head up the road and loop through the trees on Teddy’s Trail, or point yourself out to Gothic townsite on the road! All are in terrific shape and open to fat biking, walking, snowshoeing, Nordic skiing, and dogs. Thank you to Mt. CB, the Land Trust, and Colorado Open Lands for letting us groom and ride in such beautiful places!
We’ve also been hard at work updating our winter website so that it can be a fully functioning winter trails hub for you. We’ve got a new Winter Trail Report that we’re keeping up to date, along with a list of Winter Trails that includes trail descriptions, difficulty ratings, and other information to get you outside. We feature trails that all allow fat biking, but most of them are truly multi-use: you can Nordic ski, walk,snowshoe, bring your dog–enjoy them in whatever way you like to recreate! There are a few variations in rules, so be sure you check the website, read signs, and inform yourself about the different restrictions used in different areas. If you want to try fat biking but never have, we recommend renting from Big Al’s Bicycle Heaven or The Alpineer, two of our loyal sponsors who we trust to get you outfitted and pointed in the right direction.
We do ask that you familiarize yourself with winter trail etiquette before you go! It’s amazing what a difference simple things like low tire pressure or clean tires (no mud) can do to keep the trails in great shape. Because these trails are all multi-use, please do clean up after your dog, yield to walkers, and stay off the classic track. Those are the number one things you can do to make and keep friends on the winter trails. Well, that and say hi and smile!
Now get out and enjoy! Hit the booters!


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