CB Fat Bike Ride Info 2015/16

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New to the mix this year, Teddy’s Winter Trail!  At the base of Snodgrass, this addition to the network of CBMBA groomed singletrack at the Snodgrass/Gothic trailhead makes for more miles along with North Village and Gothic Road.  Throw Snodgrass Road into the mix and there are mad miles of Winter Trails up there to partake in!  Along with Cement Creek, these are the areas CBMBA is focusing on grooming this year but check the report and the Facebook updates for other compacted areas like the Upper Loop Trail system, Slate River Road, Washington Gulch Road, and more.

Don’t forget the well groomed and maintained Kebler Corridor (thank you SNOtrackers) for excellent Fat Biking along with Crested Butte Mountain Resort – but do remember to heed the CBMR rules and regulations for when and where you can ride.  And of course, CB Nordic does an amazing job of grooming and stays on top of the weather each and every day, but remember, only certain trails allow bikes!  Town Ranch, Skyland Connector, and the Rec. Path – all on the East side of the map.

Check out the CBMBA Grooming Report HERE for trail info and details, where to ride, and what’s been packed or groomed.