Meet Middle Cement Creek Trail

CBMBA’s Newest Trail is Part of a Bigger Plan


You may have ridden it last fall, or perhaps you volunteered to help build it, but hopefully by now you’ve put some rubber down on Phase 1 of CBMBA’s latest and greatest trail: Middle Cement Creek (aka STUMPjumper)! Designed by mountain bikers and built by mountain bikers, the full Middle Cement Creek Trail will be completed in three phases over three years and is part of a larger plan to have non-motorized singletrack from Crystal Peak Pass to The Caves trailhead.

When completed in 2022, Middle Cement Creek Trail (MCCT) will be 4.6 miles of ripping, hand-built singletrack through rugged Rocky Mountain terrain. It will also incorporate the existing 1.5 mile social trail known as Fenceline into the network to complete the connection between Lower and Upper Cement Creek Trails.

These trails are the result of some serious teamwork between CBMBA and the US Forest Service that began over a decade ago. CBMBA veteran and former Board President Matt Whiting wrote and secured over $60,000 in grants for building, restoring, and realigning Upper Cement Creek and Crystal Peak Trails. With the help of the Gunnison Ranger District’s Greg Austin and Joe Laughlin and their USFS crews, significant work was completed, with CBMBA volunteers showing up often. Upper CCT was re-routed during the 2011 CBMBA Volunteer Overnight, Lower CCT was re-routed on 2014 National Trails Day, and Crystal Peak Trail was completed during CBMBA’s 2016 Overnight.

When these existing trails are paired with the new Middle Cement Creek Trail, CBMBA will be one step closer to creating a major singletrack option connecting both ends of the Cement Creek drainage. Read more about CBMBA’s short term “Riders Off The Road” plan by clicking here.



Middle Cement Rock Work



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