Mogul Storage Natty Trails Day THANK YOU!

Well, we now have a solution for ‘what do y’all do with the moguls in the summertime’!  We RIDE them!  Last Friday, June 10th, CB Conservation Corps (CBCC) crews finished off the ‘intermediate line’ on what the amazing volunteers of this community started on National Trails Day, June 4th, the ‘Mogul Storage Trails’.

Staring at the ‘moguls’ for years since we’ve finished up the Baxter Gulch Trail (2018), it brings a great sense of pride and joy to see not just one, but two sweet lines as a means to finish a Baxter Gulch ride with some flair.  The intermediate line is open and ready for business, and the expert/jump line will be ready to ride soon, there is still some finish work to do.

The good mountain bikers of Crested Butte have been clamoring for more downhill, directional trails for a while now.  Working mainly on public lands managed by the USFS, there has not been opportunity for downhill/directional trails in the current Travel Management plan. Hence our excitement around this opportunity, on lands owned by the Town of Crested Butte, and we couldn’t be more excited.

For that reason, we have the utmost appreciation and gratitude to the Town of CB!  Specifically, Janna and Joey in the Recreation Department, they both went above and beyond to see this righteous amenity added to our existing trail system.  We are humbled to have such fine partners, and to have this opportunity. THANK YOU, Town of Crested Butte, for these amazing new trails that respond to a huge trail request and fills a gap in our trail system.

We are also so grateful for Owen Tulip of Tulip Trails West, and Eddy Cohn.  Along with Grant Spear, CBCC Operations Director, Owen and Eddy put in serious time and dedication to help layout the expert/jump line, and in Owen’s case… also build it with his mini-ex.  Volunteers on ‘Natty Trails Day’ helped to put in the start to the expert line, and the CBCC will be out there in between downed tree and emerging trail duties to finish it all off.  We are honored to team up with Eddy, Grant, and Owen, to help our community realize this very cool amenity.

We can never be thankful enough for the amazing sponsors, supporters, and friends of CBMBA/CBCC that help us administer this organization.  Mikey’s Pizza and Ska Brewing nourish us so well, and we can’t do it without them.  We are thankful for all the fine folks who showed up at the ‘Open House’ to show their support for this project.  We are thankful for all the folks who showed up for our Annual Meeting and Kickoff.

More so, and we can never say it enough… THANK YOU to the amazing volunteers and hard-core trail enthusiasts who show up in droves to do ‘thankless’ work. It’s always so remarkable to look back on all the work and efforts that go into building trail, and then – VOILA – there’s a trail there, open for free to the general public!  Sure CBMBA and the CBCC will always be there to maintain and steward these precious recreation amenities, but it’s truly ‘THE PEOPLE’ that make these new trails happen.

Enjoy the new fun, directional, downhill mountain bike trail at the bottom of the Baxter Gulch Trail, and be sure to thank our friends at the Town of CB for making it happen.

David Ochs and the CBMBA Staff and Board of Directors


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