NVTP News!

NVTP News!
May 2, 2024
North Valley Trails Project Decision Greenlights 9 Miles of New Trail ConstructionThe Crested Butte Mountain Bike Association, in partnership with the Gunnison Ranger District, is pleased to announce a Decision Notice that approves commencement of the North Valley Trails Project.This proverbial greenlight from the District Ranger means CBMBA can now move forward on a variety of projects that when completed will result in approximately nine miles of new trail, plus one mile of trail decommissioning.CBMBA is thrilled with this decision and will begin implementing components of the project
during the upcoming summer riding season.

“We are thankful for the efforts of the Gunnison Ranger District and the NEPA (National
Environmental Policy Act) team in finding this decision,” said Doug Bradbury, President of the
CBMBA Board of Directors. “It opens the door for some truly amazing new recreation amenities that will bring value to our entire community and visitors alike.”

CBMBA began this trails project plan proposal in 2017, engaging in extensive public outreach and stakeholder input. More recently, the local trails advocacy organization presented its proposal tonthe STOR committee where it was further vetted.

In 2021, the proposed plan, then titled ‘Riders Off the Road’ was accepted by the Gunnison
Ranger District. It then entered into the NEPA process where it was re-titled the North Valley
Trails Project. The project includes the CBMBA proposed trails along with designated camping
and trailhead infrastructure improvements to be completed on behalf of the ranger district.
After further vetting by district specialists, extensive scoping, and public comment periods, the
NEPA process was fulfilled, allowing District Ranger Dayle Funka to provide final sign off on the project.

“This project has been a collaborative effort, I’m proud of my team for their hard work and I
respect CBMBA’s dedication to high quality, safe recreation opportunities,” said Dayle Funka,
Gunnison District Ranger. “We are looking forward to our continued partnership with CBMBA as we begin implementation.”

CBMBA now has direction for several years’ worth of trail construction projects and will continue the tradition of bringing the community together around volunteer workdays. Potential new builds for the 2024 season include the Upper Upper Loop-to-Brush Creek Trailhead connection. that will allow riders to avoid a busy section of dirt road in the Brush Creek drainage, and the Teocalli Ridge extension, which will lengthen one of the North Valley’s most iconic downhills while also lessening ride time on the road.

It’s also worth noting that none of these new trails are located in Designated Wilderness or
proposed wildlife management areas in the ongoing Forest Plan Revision.

“This decision provides for new trails, network connections, and needed infrastructure
improvements that will greatly improve the safety and recreation experiences for all trail users,” remarked Matt Whiting, CBMBA Board of Directors Vice President. “Local residents and visitors will greatly benefit from these additions and improvements.”

In addition to the proposed new trails, the NVTP provides for nearly 19 acres of new parking and trailhead infrastructure that will be implemented at the Brush Creek Trailhead, Walrod Trailhead, and Tent City Trailhead and Designated Camping Area respectively. Improvements at the Brush Creek and Tent City Trailheads will commence this summer.

“With our dedicated trail crews and amazing volunteers, we will chip away at these new trail
projects for several years,” explained Dave Ochs, Executive Director at CBMBA, adding that work will begin in earnest during National Trails Day on June 1. “We can’t wait to get started!”

To read the full Decision Notice and Finding of No Significant Impact and learn more about the
North Valley Trails Project and the NEPA process, go to

For more information about CBMBA trail workdays and volunteer opportunities, check out the
News/Events tab at cbmba.org/crestedbuttemountainbike.com.

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