We are so excited to say we have received a permit from the USFS – Gunnison Ranger District for our Fat Bike Grooming and Winter Recreation Proposal. We have begun grooming Cement Creek Road and Gothic Road, and Brush Creek is up next. North Village is shredding heavy (that’s a good thing) and we’re neck deep in grooming track to continue making trail amenities worthy of the Crested Butte mantra.

CBMBA is operating under special use permit with the Gunnison Ranger District.

CBMBA is an equal opportunity service provider.

We’re just getting our maps and permitted routes updated so standby for more Winter Trail/Fat Bike maps and info. Check out the Etiquette page if you have any questions or need to know Fat Biking 101. CBMBA is so grateful for the so many partners and community members that have supported us in all we do, and especially currently with our Winter Trail plans.

To see the Record of Decision, the Analysis done, and the hard work the FS – Gunnison Ranger District put into our proposal – click HERE.


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