Raise your Glass to some Track!


Have you been skiing out Cement Creek for over 4 years and been like…. “who the heck is grooming this? “Who is this wonderful creature that goes out of their way to make this recreation amenity for all of us.” And “holy crap… how can I help!!!!” Well the time is nigh good people of the trail. Join us at Tully’s in CB South on Thursday, March 2nd, at 5:30pm to celebrate the Winter Trail Magic that makes things groovy for all lovers of the Trail!

That Trail Fairy (Fairies Wear Boots) is Al Smith. You know him because of his addictive coffee and his addiction to making your Winter Recreation what it should be – the best experience it can be. Al does what he does on his own dime, with his own machines, and with his bare hands.

We’re honored to follow in Al’s footsteps. CBMBA is so proud to work with all ends of our community and with Al Smith and Camp 4 Coffee to make sure people are having the best trail experiences they can have. We dig it in the summertime, and we groom it in the wintertime. We’re enjoying making people smile, and some smiles we’ve had! If you have skied, snowshoe’d, fat biked, walked, ran, taken the dog, snowmobiled, hovered, charioted, sledded, razored, timber sledded, goombah’d, charlie’d, shredded, or ice skated any of our trails – we’d love your support. We need it – this stuff takes honest effort, and honest parts.

Help us keep doing this. Help us help Al keep doing this. Join us at Tully’s in CB South (282 Elcho Ave) on Thursday, March 2nd, at 5:30 pm for some Odell Brewing, pizza, prizes, and a chance to give Al a high 5. All proceeds go to CBMBA and will be sure to help Al make (some) of all he gives back to the cause. The cause is good, and good comes from the cause. Help us keep making this Winter Trail thing happening. Support Al for being an extraordinary being, who embodies why we live here, recreate here, and recreate better! Help us pay for signs, gas, belts, permits, safety, time, a sturdy back, and damn good times. The future is trail crews, and people out there making sure we’re safe, smart, recreating responsibly and with the best experiences possible.

Mountain Express and RTA schedule below.



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