Short Term Plan


Riders Off The Road


For decades, CBMBA has been dedicated to providing the best trail experiences possible. We’ve grown since 1983, but our vision remains the same – work with local partners, stakeholders, landowners, municipalities, government agencies, and our biggest partner, the US Forest Service – to realize responsible, sustainable, and positive recreation amenities for a variety of users. In 2009, CBMBA put together a long term Master Plan, revised it in 2016, and further refined it into this 2020 short term plan: Riders Off the Road.

Goal: Provide a better user experience in the greater Crested Butte area by facilitating safe, responsible, and sustainable recreation improvements within the current trail system by connecting existing trails, realigning non-sustainable routes, and designating proper trail access points to facilitate a better recreation infrastructure. This plan presents a 5 – 8 year roadmap and is the result of extensive public, stakeholder, and agency input. While CBMBA still maintains a long term plan and is excited to partner in a comprehensive way for a future countywide trails plan, this short term plan is an effort to focus on less impactful trail improvements and connections within the existing network.


• Improved trail and recreation infrastructure in already-impacted areas

• Working alongside agencies with plans for parking, bathrooms, access, and centralized
impacts (hubs)

• Increased connectivity between drainages and existing trails

• Users away from and off of busy roads, onto trails

• Responsibly located, sustainable trails

• Trails for all users and all levels of ability

• Trails and access entirely on public lands

• Expanded access points for users

• Re-routes to mitigate resource damage from existing poor trail alignments

• Recreation planned for a healthy wildlife and forest habitat



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