GONZO – Deer Creek to Teo Ridge from Town

Ride Details

Difficulty: Difficult
Status: Buried in Snow
Distance: 35.7 miles
Avg. Time: 4.5 hours
Climb:5,679 ft
Trail Type: Rec. Path, Dirt Road, Singletrack
Descend:5,800 ft


A cross country lovers ride, this is one that puts the scene into scenery!  This is one you’ll want plenty of water for and your climbing legs.  The elevation versus distance should spell it out, she goes up!  But all well worth it!  The Deer Creek portion is more of the cross country lovers, and the Teocalli bit is the downhill lovers (after the big climb to it of course….)  Deer Creek starts with the feeling of being ‘out there’, but once you finish Deer Creek and head left onto Middle Brush Creek road and out to Teocalli, you might as well be in a remote Wilderness in the middle of nowhere.  Climbing up across the face of Teocalli Mountain is a spectacular bit of riding, and getting up to Teo Ridge itself is not for the weary – but OHHHHH the rewards!  The views from the Teo climb, then the open vistas on the descent are worthy of toting a large camera up there to remember how spectacular it is.  Hold on tight – that downhill is worth every bit of the efforts involved, and beers afterwards at the Brick Oven Pizzeria are well worth it once back in Town.

Starting from town, cruise up the Rec Path, past the ski area, and up to where Gothic Road turns to dirt. Bomb down Gothic Road until you cross a bridge over a creek, and about 100 yards later you’ll make a right onto a forest service road to head towards the Deer Creek singletrack. The trail climbs through the aspens, traverses through open meadows, climbs some more, crosses the top of the black hole–all with spectacular fields of wildflowers and views of Mt. CB on your right. Eventually you’ll hit the top of “the wall”, where you’ll fall out of the sky and descend along a creek. You’ll hit a doubletrack road that’ll take you up and out of the valley to the top of a road that will then drop you WAY down towards Brush Creek. When you hit a road intersection, take a hard left and head back uphill on the West Brush Creek road.

Ride out two miles of beautiful doubletrack, cross a big creek, and climb on the doubletrack as it gets steeper and steeper. The road eventually tops out in a small open area, then continues straight. This road dead-ends at the wilderness border.

To the right, the Teocalli Mountain singletrack starts the real climb up the south flanks of Teocalli Mountain. This is a tough climb! Keep spinning, it’s all ridable. At the top is a trail intersection. The Teocalli Mountain Trail continues straight ahead. This trail descends quickly to Middle Brush Creek and is not a great biking trail.
To the left is a faint hiking trail. Some folks like to ride Teo Ridge to here and then hike to the top of Teocalli Mountain. Plan on all day for that option.

The ride continues right at this intersection onto the Teocalli Ridge Trail and climbs some more! Shortly before the pain is over there is a great view of Teocalli Mountain, Castle Peak, Pearl Pass, and the Middle Brush Creek drainage on your left. This is a good place for lunch.

The trail continues along Teocalli Ridge and then begins a raucous downhill. Stay straight on the main trail when you come to a side trail. Careful on the downhill, there are some real surprises along the way. Speed kills, maims and breaks things.

Eventually, after some brake pad wear and finger cramping, the trail opens up, traverses an incredible flower covered slope, switchbacks a few times and drops you out onto a rough dirt road. Turn right and continue down on the road.

In a small group of aspen where the road bears right, there is a trail intersection and a sign for Farris Creek Trail 409. If you want to extend your singletrack adventure that includes another short climb, take this left. Follow it past the Farris Creek, Strand Hill and Strand Bonus Trails, keeping right, and head out to Brush Creek Road on the Canal Trail. Cross the canal and turn left on Brush Creek Road, and ride back to the highway.
If you stay on your original course at the sign for Farris Creek Trail 409, you’ll continue down the rough road, do a double creek crossing and climb shortly back up to the intersection with West Brush Creek Road. You’ll probably recognize where you are. If not, continue straight down Brush Creek Road and back out to the highway.





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