Strand Bonus and Canal Trail Loop

Ride Details

Difficulty: Easy
Status: Open
Distance: 6 mi.
Avg. Time: 1.5 hrs.
Climb:581 ft.
Trail Type: singletrack
Descend:593 ft.
Ride Area:


This is the easiest mountain bike loop in the Brush Creek Area. Park (or save the planet and ride from Town) at the Brush Creek Trailhead/Parking area on Brush Creek Road, then head NE out Brush Creek Road and look to your right for the turn up Strand Hill Road about a mile up the road.  Ride up the road, undoubtedly the hardest part of this loop but plenty manageable with a nice spinning cadence and plenty of viewpoints.  0.7 miles up the road, turn left to continue on Strand Hill Road, then left again 0.2 miles up onto the Strand Bonus Trail.  Recently re-routed and much water diversion work done, this trail is sure to make you smile!  At the end of the Bonus, go left again on the Canal Trail. Continue whizzing down the Canal with a smile then hit Brush Creek Road and ride back to your car at the Trailhead or all the way to Town.



Strand Hill Rd, Strand Bonus, and Canal Loop on


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