Expert – Dyke and Lost Lake Slough Figure 8 Loop

Ride Details

Difficulty: Difficult
Distance: 26.4 mi.
Avg. Time: 5.25 hr.
Climb:3501 ft.
Trail Type: singletrack, dirt road
Descend:3501 ft.
Ride Area:


The Dyke Trail is a Classic, but adding these other gems makes this a RIDE!  Finishing the Dyke at Horse Ranch Park, turn right on Kebler Pass Road and head West to the Lost Lake Campground turnoff (left). The Lost Lake Slough and Cliff Creek downhill run has been a pretty well kept Crested Butte mountain biking secret.  It’s a super fun technical singletrack with beautiful views of the Ruby Range.  You gotta like the more primitive and existing alignment – created by hiker/horse and pretty techy, but if that’s what you like, then you’re in for a treat!  On the way back up from Horse Ranch Park on the 2nd go round, you can head up to the Kebler Y via road or the Wagon trail.  You can S/F here, head down the road to Town, head down the Wagon Trail to Town, head up the Lily Lake trail and come out at Splains Gulch then the Wagon trail home, or even tack on Carbon Creek Trail #436. There’s plenty of options here, but the map below is just the basic loop.  There’s some tough, technical riding and climbing in all these bits, but it’s a helluva ride for an expert and hardcore Mountain Biker.

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