Intermediate – Dyke Loop from the Y

Ride Details

Difficulty: Moderate
Status: Open
Distance: 14.8 mi.
Avg. Time: 2.25 hr.
Climb:2226 ft.
Descend:2227 ft.
Ride Area:


The Dyke trail has long been considered one of Crested Butte’s standard mountain bike classics. This route has a slight twist. Instead of taking Kebler pass all the way back to the “Y”, take the left up the old old Kebler Wagon trail in the deepest part of the second deep corner on Kebler. The wagon trail grade is fairly mellow and involves only a teensy-weensy bit more climbing to ride singletrack instead of road. This an intermediate ride except for a couple stiff climbs on the Dyke trail. Oh, and the 1000 ft climb up Kebler is no cakewalk, especially if you are running low on go juice.

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