Classic 401 Loop

Ride Details

Difficulty: Moderate
Status: Open
Distance: 14 mi.
Avg. Time: 2.5-5 hrs.
Climb:2283 ft.
Trail Type: Singletrack/Road Mix
Descend:2265 ft.
Ride Area:


This is the classic loop for riding 401, starting at the Judd Falls parking area allows you to ride the entirety of 401’s amazing singletrack right back to your car.  Better is to ride from the Snodgrass Trailhead for a few more miles, but a lot less impact in the pristine Gothic Corridor.

Trail 401, or Trailriders Trail, as its less commonly known, is Crested Butte’s most famous trail for good reason. Lots of intermediate mountain bikers can be found spinning their way up to behold shoulder high flowers, fast singletrack, and heavenly views of Mount Crested Butte and the Gothic Valley. Take your time, drink lots of water, and bring some sort of camera. It gets an intermediate plus rating due to the steep, but nontechnical climbing involved on 401, especially at the beginning.

If you are looking to ride 401 as a shorter loop start your ride at the turn off for Rustlers Gulch a few miles past the Judd Fall parking area. Riding from here is about 8 miles and still gets you the best part of the 401 singletrack!


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