Space To Thrive

You take to the outdoors for the wide-open spaces that give you room to breathe, to think, to be. Just like you need your space, CBMBA needs a space to continue to do what we love to do: advocate for these pristine spaces and care for your favorite trails.

CBMBA has been at it for quite some time—since 1983 to be exact! CBMBA began as an all-volunteer organization in the 80s, but in the past five years has grown at a rapid pace, now with an annual budget of over $500,000, three full time staff, and six seasonal trail crew staff.  

CBMBA has never had its own space. Over the decades, we’ve conducted meetings in the garages of volunteers, parked vehicles at board and staff member’s homes, and we are currently using a retired Mountain Express bus to store overflow equipment. For the past several years, CBMBA has operated out of one 300 sq foot rental office and 400 sq foot garage that is shared among three different entities, at times resulting in three different people trying to conduct phone calls and meetings within the same room. While we love to share, CBMBA has grown to a point where we need our own space to carry out our mission of trail building, maintenance, and advocacy.

The space CBMBA plans to purchase consists of an office to carry out long-term trail planning, host stakeholder meetings, fundraise, and conduct the “behind the scenes” administration that keeps CBMBA rolling all year. It also includes a garage facility to store tools and project supplies, with an area to work on vehicles and machinery. This building will supply the space required for our organization to continue to grow into. 

CBMBA seeks your support to make this possibility a reality. Help give CBMBA the space to thrive to enhance trail experiences in Crested Butte for you and for the entire community. You can donate online or mail a check to CBMBA at PO Box 782, Crested Butte, CO 81224. 

Features Of the Building

  • 526 SF of finished office space
  • 526 SF of garage space
  • 564 SF of additional garage space (rental income and an area to expand into in the future)
  • Bathroom and small kitchen
  • Outdoor storage space
  • Vehicle parking 
  • Appropriate waste storage facility for summer trash hauls
  • Indoor meeting space 
  • Low utility bills
Photos Courtesy of Lucid Images

Benefits To Community

Owning this space will directly contribute to positive impacts on public lands by:

  • improving efficiency to deploy staff for projects
  • decreasing response time to field observations
  • expanding ability to take on larger scale trail and infrastructure projects
  • planning for potential CBMBA and CBCC staff expansion
  • opportunities for potential collaboration on short and long term projects with other stakeholders and organizations
  • increased capacity to organize volunteer events to achieve trail initiatives and goals

Benefits To CBMBA

  • Centralized storage and staff facility to avoid storage and staging in multiple locations
  • Improved logistics for receiving materials and equipment
  • Indoor garage space to service and maintain equipment, machinery, and tools
  • Ability to host board meetings, make phone calls, and work collaboratively as a staff without navigating communal space
2021 CBMBA Board and Staff, Photo Courtesy of Onda Photo


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