Work Crew (1024x684)At its core CBMBA is a club of people who love trails. We love riding trails, hiking trails, building trails, maintaining trails, and sharing trails with others who love trails! We are also a non-profit, though, and the trails don’t maintain themselves for free. If you like trails, too, consider helping us out. You can support CBMBA by becoming a member of the club, by donating, by purchasing gearĀ from the shop, or by volunteering your time. For the first time in 2016, we do have a paid staff member, our intrepid Executive Director, Dave Ochs, but truly–we are a club of volunteers. All the new trails that we build (Budd, Lupine, Happy Hour . . . and the list goes on), plus all the trails we help maintain (clearing deadfall on Green Lake, turnpike-ing the bog on 401, rerouting on Stand Bonus, etc.) are the work of volunteers. Plus, if we do say so ourselves, we’re a helluva lot of fun. Join us!