This Community of Earth Movers

It’s amazing to be a part of an Earth-moving event. It’s amazing to be a part of this community. When our community comes together around trails, it’s hard to explain the pride that comes along with it.

Once again, we had an unbelievable CBMBA Kickoff Weekend! Between the CBMBA Annual Meeting, Kickoff Party, and National Trails volunteer workday, we got to see, hear, and work with over 225 of you this weekend. We heard from even more via your generous support and donations, and we continue to be at the service of this community. We are grateful to have had input from Gunnison District Ranger McCombs at our Annual Meeting, as well as many new faces—young and old, multi-use, newbie and stalwart veteran—and we encourage more of you to get involved. CBMBA exists to bring this community together to positively impact our natural environment. 

On Saturday, the people came together to rally some Earth moving, rock moving, hand-built trail phenomenon this weekend for the annual National Trails Day on Phase 2 of the new Middle Cement Creek Trail. It was a celebration! Where else would 85 people come together to scale a hillside to work their tails off; putting a bench cut trail onto a 40+ degree slope, crossing 4 gullies that require engineering to pass through, navigating dense brush and thick aspen forest, and truly move earth and large pieces of hardened igneous geologic materials…by hand? Gunnison Trails and the STOR Corps came out with crews to lend many helpful hands, and entire community of folks who gave up their Saturday to give back is truly humbling!

We have a lot more work to do! There is 0.8 miles of trail to build until we connect with the Fenceline Trail to make it officially a “system” trail. We will then have non-motorized singletrack all the way from Hunter Creek almost to the Caves Trail. It’s a labor of love and we are grateful for the efforts of this community to see an amazing network of trails get better, smarter, and safer.

2021 CBMBA Kickoff Party. All Photos by Robby Lloyd, Lucid Images

To all who support, who dig, and who care for our backyard… THANK YOU for another amazing Kickoff Weekend!  

On-trail instruction from the CBCC
Group bonding after the dig day


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