Check out the Trails Report for all the latest, by drainage, by area, and by trail.

Explore the trails, explore the rides, explore the maps . . . but don’t forget to go ride!

Trails vs. Rides

The first thing you need to know is that Trails are different from Rides.

We’ve categorized all the mountain bike trails around Crested Butte by themselves–with the trail name, the distance, the vert, a little information about the character of the trail, and an interactive map of the trail.

But, here in CB, we pretty much never ride just ONE trail–so, we’ve also put the trails together into recommended rides. The rides are categorized by approximate rider-level (Beginner through GONZO!), but of course, you can make up your own rides, too.

If you want to dissect one trail, start with Trails. But if you’re looking for where to go for a good day on the bike, start with the Rides.

Trail Report

There are basically 6 drainages around Crested Butte, each of which has its own set of trails that start and finish from the roads up those drainages. Of course, some trails connect drainages, too. We’ve organized the trail report by drainage (plus the trails right around the town of CB) so that you can start by picking the general area where you want to ride and then drill down for more detail.


The map is interactive, so you can start exploring the trails by zooming into an area and checking out what trails/rides appear visually. Each Ride also has a downloadable map that you can use to navigate the route while you’re on your bike, even without a cell signal.


Early season it can be hard for us to keep up with the rapidly changing conditions of the trails (snow, downed trees, flooded creeks, etc.). That’s where you come in! Help us out by completing an observation form. Please include as much detail as possible. This will help keep other riders safe but also help protect our trails from damage!