We are fortunate to be surrounded by the 1.7 million-acre Gunnison National Forest, which boasts over 450 miles of trails right here in the northern end of the Gunnison Valley. 

Click on the “Conditions” tab to see a full list of trails and the current status so you know which trails are ridable, which are too muddy or covered in snow, and when to expect seasonal and wildlife closures. You can click on the individual trails for full descriptions and maps. Check out the “Rides” tab for some options for linking trails. 

CBMBA and its trail crew, the CB Conservation Corps, along with a dedicated force of volunteers work hard to keep these trails in great shape! When the snow melts, our crews get to work clearing out deadfall, fixing drainage systems, and repairing erosion caused by freeze-thaw cycles. If you see something that needs attention, please email details, location, and photos if possible to


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