Update! 11/17/21

If you want to ride in CB please ride early when the mud is still frozen. Some of the lower elevation trails are free of snow but not mud, please make smart decisions and let’s hope winter shows up soon!

Check out this report in the spring and early summer to see when snow and mud from the winter have dried up. It’s also a useful tool in the fall when the snow starts to fly so you don’t get turned around halfway through a ride due to snow. This report is not updated every time it rains throughout the summer. If trails are muddy, please allow them time to dry out before riding. 

Green: Rideable–go for it! You may encounter a few spots with snow or mud, so please ride through those to avoid trail damage.

Red: Trails have significant mud or snow. Please do not ride, as riding will damage the trail.

Black: Trail is unrideable, or there is a seasonal closure in effect

Slate River Area

Washington Gulch Area

Gothic Area

Brush Creek Area

Cement Creek Area

Spring Creek/Taylor Pass Area

CBMR/Evolution Bike Park


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