Trail Info

We can typically start riding a few lower elevation trails in early to mid-May. 

Check out this report in the spring and early summer to see when snow and mud from the winter have dried up. It’s also a useful tool in the fall when the snow starts to fly so you don’t get turned around halfway through a ride due to snow. This report is not updated every time it rains throughout the summer. If trails are muddy, please allow them time to dry out before riding. 

Green: Rideable–go for it! You may encounter a few spots with snow or mud, so please ride through those to avoid trail damage.

Red: Trails have significant mud or snow. Please do not ride, as riding will damage the trail.

Black: Trail is unrideable, or there is a seasonal closure in effect

Crested Butte on

Slate River Area

Washington Gulch Area

Gothic Area

Brush Creek Area

Cement Creek Area

Spring Creek/Taylor Pass Area

CBMR/Evolution Bike Park


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