Ride Details

Difficulty: Difficult
Distance: 3 mi
Avg. Time: 30 min
Climb:33 ft
Trail Type: Motorized Singletrack
Descend:1,671 ft.


Running parallel to 409, but higher on the ridge, 409.5 is a rocky, fun descent (traveling from CB South to Brush Creek road) full of high-speed water bars and wide open sections. This is a favorite for those who like to go fast. Sometimes it gets a bit rutted from the motos, and there is always loose rock to be found in the trail. Take caution on the water bars on the second half of trail, as they tend to send riders soaring if unprepared. If you can remember to take your eyes off the trail for a moment as you bomb towards Brush Creek, 409.5 affords gorgeous views of Mt. CB and the Valley.


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