Middle Cement Creek Trail – pt 1 (2019)

Ride Details

Distance: 1.0 mi
Climb: 100ft.
Descend: 645ft.
Avg. Time: 10 mins
Trail Type: Shreddy singletrack


New in 2019 and built during the Annual CBMBA Overnight, Middle Cement is a key part of the CBMBA Master Plan to get Riders OFF the Road, connect more existing trails, and create better loop opportunities and experiences.  Best ridden downhill, Mid Cement comes off of the Warm Springs Trail and cruises through a beautiful little drainage to meet up with the Lower Cement Creek Trail below.  Eventually, we will continue this trail the other direction as well, to meet up with the Upper Cement Creek Trail.

Elevation Profile


Rides Including this Trail

Lower Cement, Walrod Road, Warm Springs, Middle Cement, Lower Cement for a great 1 – 1.5 hour loop.

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