Bear Creek Trail #415

Ride Details

Difficulty: Difficult
Distance: 6 mi
Avg. Time: 1 hr
Climb:800 ft
Trail Type: Motorized Singletrack
Descend:1,171 ft


Climbing up Bear is a grind, but it is totally worth it, as it leads to an awesome descent! This section has been reworked lately, moving sections of the trail out of the creek bed, and as a result, it’s in the best shape that we’ve seen in a while. Plan on minimal brake wear as you rocket down Bear Creek. There are a few rough spots towards the bottom, but mostly it’s buffed all the way down.

About 3 and 1/2 miles down, the Deadman’s Gulch trail turns right across a creek. This is a good place to refuel for the last climb to wrap up the Ren0-Flag-Bear (Deadman’s) ride; take the Deadman’s Gulch trail to the right and gear down for a longer than expected climb before the Deadman’s switchbacks that return you to Cement Creek Road.

*Map highlights the downhill portion of the trail


Bear Creek on



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