400 – Brush Creek

Ride Details

Difficulty: Difficult
Distance: 5.64 mi.
Avg. Time: 1.5
Climb:2157 ft.
Trail Type: singletrack
Descend:579 ft.
Ride Area:


Trail 400 (Brush Creek Road) makes for more fun on the descent than as a climb, but you can ride it as an out and back. It’s a beast of an uphill – a beauty amongst the best, but there’s some grunts in there.  It starts as doubletrack as Brush Creek Road, and a bit past the 2nd creek crossing it turns to singletrack.  It’s a great way to access Block and Tackle, Hunter Creek, and Crystal Peak Trail #583, and it also makes a KILLER downhill from any or all three of those.  Going up Crystal on the Cement Side and down 400 all the way to the Town of CB is rather special!  And it’s some HIGH country – Star Pass and Crystal Pass are some tough earned, but so well worth it viewpoints!  From town to the Top of 400/Star Pass – is a good 3 hours and all up.  It also makes a great route to Aspen.



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