Clark’s Market Parking Lot Loop

Ride Details

Distance: 420ft
Avg. Time: 2 minutes
Trail Type: Always Changing
Ride Area:


The Clarks Market Parking Lot Trail! The Clark’s Loop is a newly-added hidden gem in the North Valley thanks to a long-awaited easement from Clark’s. It’s a great short intermediate ride for the new rider looking to become familiar with loose gravel and rougher, uneven terrain right in town. And if you start from the eastern trailhead, you’re immediately greeted with a thrilling descent into and climb out of the drainage right out of the gate.
It’s a really special loop from either direction. There’s simply nothing else like it in the valley. For great western views towards Kebler, start at the eastern trailhead near the Bubble Wrap. You’ll have a short climb before turning south in front of Clark’s Market. Then prepare yourself for a gnarly descent over unpredictable terrain with incredible views of the backside of the Old Town Inn. Just remember to stay aware as the terrain is constantly shifting, and it will likely ride a little different from one week to the next.
For a more mellow ride, you can start from the Majestic trailhead on the west where you can immediately start with the descent towards the drainage before turning north to begin a leisurely climb with a glimpse up towards Anthracite (apartments) and then some extremely limited views towards Red Lady and Kebler where you can occasionally glimpse some nature in the distance.
Parking can be a challenge during peak season as the parking at the trailhead is limited and frequently chaotic because there are no signs or markings.
If possible, we recommend riding from town to reduce the impact on the pristine Clark’s corridor.




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