Doubletop #405

Ride Details

Difficulty: Extreme
Distance: 12.7 mi
Avg. Time: 3.5 hr
Climb:2,547 ft
Trail Type: motorized singletrack
Descend:3,205 ft


A long beautiful way to get up high, Doubletop afford gorgeous vistas, but also ample challenge. If you dive in this deep, be sure you plan for all day and wear good shoes for walking.

This is a long trail that stays high along the ridge running from 409.5 all the way out near Star Pass. Typically this trail is ridden in smaller segments by mountain bikers to get to other sections of trail. It becomes apparent that this trail is frequented by more moto bikers than mountain bikers as there are sections of trail that have received severe damage (braiding/trenches/ruts).

The black rating is due to the length of trail, the amount of climbing/descent and some technical spots.


Double Top on


Gas station, killer sandwiches & convenience store all wrapped into one!


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