Eccher Gulch/Granite Basin Trail

Ride Details

Difficulty: Difficult
Distance: 5 mi
Avg. Time: 1.5 hr
Climb:702 ft
Trail Type: singletrack
Descend:1,815 ft


Eccher Gulch is a remote and difficult-to-access trail. Due to this it does not see very much traffic and can often be overgrown. The trail begins off Roaring Judy Trail and contours through a beautiful aspen grove before finishing with a steep descent to Highway 135.  Route navigation can be tricky on this trail see be sure to bring a map with you when you ride, the exit is especially tricky

**Unfortunately, access issues have recently come about and the exit of the trail at highway 135 is currently restricted to private use only. Please respect this access closure


Eccher Gulch on



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