Farris Road/Farris Creek Trail

Ride Details

Difficulty: Difficult
Distance: 2.8 mi.
Avg. Time: 30 min.
Climb:490 ft.
Trail Type: doubletrack/singletrack
Descend:651 ft.
Ride Area:


Farris Creek is a change of pace from the Strand Hill ride, and rolls through a beautiful valley below Doubletop Mountain.

Follow the directions to Strand Hill to start. Climb Farris Creek Road double track up and ride straight past the left of Strand Hill Road. Continue straight and up a short hill, through a gate, then down a quick hill. Stay left here, passing the Farris Creek Trail 409 and Trail 409.5 on the right. Continue up the beautiful wetland valley on the road. Cross Farris Creek and turn left on a signed singletrack shortcut. Rejoin the road in 1/3 mile.

Next, pass the 402 Trail, marked only with two very large rocks. To continue to Farris Creek, stay left with the road. It gradually narrows to a singletrack. It will climb gradually to a fence (please close the gate behind you!), and then head downhill and through another gate.

Enjoy the technical descent to the Strand Bonus Trail. Turn left and roll along smoothly except for some fun technical suprises and one steep climb. Pass the Strand Hill and Strand Bonus Trails, continuing straight onto the Canal Trail, for a twisty fast ride to the end at the water canal. Beware of riders coming the other way on the Canal Trail. Turn left and head back to town on Brush Creek Road




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