Flag Creek Trail #422

Ride Details

Difficulty: Moderate
Distance: 3 mi.
Avg. Time: 20 min
Climb:39 ft
Trail Type: Motorized Singletrack
Descend:997 ft


At the top of Reno Road/Italian Creek Road, look for a gate that leads to the singletrack heading downhill. Ride through the gate and straight ahead onto the marked Flag Creek singletrack.

It is open, smooth, and full of fun whoopdie-doos so let ‘er rip! After three unbelievable miles you will cross a compacted gravel “bridge,” also known as a turnpike. Shortly after this you will enter the dark timber and come to an intersection. A right turn leads the rider across the creek and to the start of the Bear Creek Trail. There is a small sign here marking the Bear Creek Trail, where you can continue on the Ren0-Flag-Bear route.

You can also go straight at the intersection and pop out along Spring Creek road. (But why would you? Bear is so much better!)


Flag Creek on Trailforks.com


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