Upcoming WWF Events

We have a couple WWF events coming up! Join us for camaraderie, trail building, learning something new, and helping keep this Valley beautiful!


First, this Thursday, July 12, at 5:30 p.m. at the Chamber of Commerce (upstairs conference room), Trail Wizard Lani Bruntz will be teaching a class called Trail Building Basics. This is a classroom session to get you prepped for trail work outside. She’ll cover trail design, sustainability, tools, construction techniques, and maintenance issues, among other topics. She has done A LOT of trail work and really knows her stuff. It will be an awesome overview for beginners but should also contain some good information for women of all levels of experience who want to know more about how and why we do the trail work we do. It’s a great chance to build your knowledge, build your confidence, and build community! CBMBA will provide pizza and beer! Session should last 1.5 – 2 hours. If you can only come for a bit, come for a bit! RSVP to me (laura@cbmba.org) or the Facebook Event if you can so we know how much pizza to order.


Second, next Tuesday, July 17 starting at 4 p.m. on, we will have our second WWF trail work day! I’ll be getting things organized at 4, but come when you can! (I know people have jobs and stuff–we’d love to have you even for just a bit!) I still have to get with the Crested Butte Conservation Corps (CBMBA’s full-time trail and stewardship crew) to work out exactly what project we’ll be working on next week, so exact location is TBD, but the work day IS happening. Like I said, you’ll get more emails from me . . . If anyone wants to volunteer to be Crew Leader for this day, to get food donated for this day, or to do child care for this day–email me at laura@cbmba.org! 

Tuesday, July 17.

We’ll be building NEW trail North of the road on Snodgrass!
Who: You and your rad lady friends
What: Building new trail on Snodgrass
When: Tuesday, July 17, 5 p.m. onwards
Where: Snodgrass Trailhead on Gothic Road
Why: Build community and separate horses and riders/hikers for happier co-existence!

Meet us at the trailhead at 5 p.m., or join us when you can! We know you have jobs, families, friends, etc. that keep you busy. Coming for a bit is totally fine! We do not have a childcare plan in place just now, but feel free to bring any little ones who want to dig in the dirt, play in the woods, “collect sticks” (the job the O’Neill girls told us on Thursday they did at work days), or actually build some trail! 

Please wear comfortable clothes, closed-toed shoes, and bring good work gloves, hat, sunscreen, water bottle, etc. We won’t be hiking far in, but be prepared to walk/ride up the road a little ways.

Thank you to the Crested Butte Land Trust and the Town of Mt. Crested Butte for making this happen! Thank you to Scout’s General for supporting us with food, to Betsy and the Mountain Store for supporting us with some swag (there’s gonna be a raffle!), and to UpSlope Brewing for supporting us with libations! 


Otherwise, happy trails to everyone! Whether you are out riding, hiking, or just working your tail off and dreaming of hiking/riding, we hope you’re having a good summer!  – Laura


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