CBMBA volunteers represent over 2500 hours a year of man/woman/kid power! Its a herculean effort, an amazing community gathering, and a great way to give back.  Sign up to get the CBMBA newsletter or tune into our Facebook page for the Trail Workdays, the Wednesday Workdays, and other trail work and event happenings.

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The most fun way to get involved in CBMBA is to share what you love with people who love it, too. Come revel in the joy of bikes, trails, community, and hard work by volunteering! The easiest way to volunteer is to show up for one of our trail work days. Check the Events page for more info as those dates get close. We also need help with all manner of tasks: trail advocacy, fundraising, stewardship . . . if you’re interested, reach out to a Board member or email the Executive Director Dave Ochs (dave@cbmba.org). All are welcome!


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