Winter OVER – but a Big Fatty Thank You!

It was more than about the Fat Bike – it was a winter of trail amenities to remember! It was a winter to remember!!!

There was good luck and bad luck, epic conditions, mad lessons learned, and some fun (some white knuckle) snowmobiling in trying to create what we were hoping we could create. We did, thankful for so many friends along the way to make it all happen. It takes an Army to build, maintain, and advocate for trails in general – let alone winter trails. We are so thankful for the support, advice, and partnerships from so many. We are thankful to have pulled off what we, at CBMBA, consider a good start, a safe and fun experience, and a great future.

The smiles, the high fives, and warm salutes were often great rewards, but so were seeing a lot of people outside, recreating harmoniously, exploring amazing places, and using the provided trails. We received great feedback and always welcome more. You can always reach us via observation/comment on our website –   We appreciated the many observations throughout the year, and we as an organization, LOVE that the community takes so much pride in posting and sharing what they see out there and what suggestions they have. We will incorporate more of that in our plan for next year.

CBMBA is so happy to work alongside so many shared users, user groups, our visitors, and locals alike. Thankful for our friends at SnoTrackers, Tully’s, Big Al’s, Gunnison Trails, the Chamber, RMBL, and Share the Slate. Many thanks to Brian Barry and Eleven for the sled support. To the Town of CB for their support and helping us see this happen. To Mt. CB for their enduring support and always providing a foundation and platform for success. Marlene and Crew at the Gunnison County Public Works are amazing partners – always, and we are grateful for the all the support from Gunnison County. To Keith, Dean, and the entire Nordic Council for huge support when it was needed, and for keeping us grooming when the sled was down. To Voegeli, Paden, and Corliss at CBMR, along with all the Ops Crews and CBMR Management for their incredible help with rescue, maintenance, venues, and literally having to ‘break the road in’ after Snowpocalypse 2017! They went above and beyond, and we are honored by their support. Norton, Runcie, Kreykes, Sandstrom – the Tourism Association is never shy to support with nothing but 110% efforts – we are humbled. Thanks to Matt Steinwand and Mike Holt for helping bust in track. To Dennis Annarelli for just being the man, and Robbie Robinson for the time. To Doug Bradbury for always fixing stuff! The entire CBMBA Board who decided to champion this effort, and bring mad time, energy, and effort into grooming and what it takes to keep it going. To the USFS – the whole crew at the Gunnison Ranger District – for always being great to work with and seeing this winter amenity happen. The biggest of thanks to Al and Wythina Smith of Camp 4 Coffee. Their years of giving have been a true gift to this Valley, and we are so proud to have partnered with them. Al Smith – you da man!

In the end we are so grateful for all the skiers, snowshoers, runners, walkers, dogs, backcountry skiers, snowmobilers, Moms, Dads, chariots and trailers, and the many Fat Bikers who enjoyed the trails, and we do hope you enjoyed them! Onto summer and riding dirt! Thank you greater Crested Butte community – for the enduring support.


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