Winter Trail Conditions March 17, 2019

It’s been quite the snowy winter here in CB! With the last couple days of sun, we’re just starting to dig ourselves out and get some fat biking trails back in for you. Some trails are open, some are quite buried. Every time you venture into the backcountry, please check the CBAC’s Avalanche Conditions and proceed with caution! Or even don’t go, if conditions require.

North Village and Teddy’s were groomed by us yesterday.

Snodgrass Road was groomed this week by CBMR. Thank you CBMR for this community service!

Gothic Road has been buried in snow, with the road disappearing in places and avalanche debris on the road. If you head out there, please proceed with caution. Cement Creek has also been buried. We’re working with Gunnison SnoTrackers to get a snow cat out there and open it up again, but for now it’s user compacted.

Kebler Pass has been groomed by Gunnison SnoTrackers, but there will be lots of snowmobile traffic up there this weekend. Best to ride North Village or Teddy’s!

Down in Gunnison, Gunnison Trails is working to get trails at Hartman’s back open. Feel free to head out with your snowshoes to pack some things in! For now, Jack’s, the Notch, and V-drop are in.

We’re happy to have all this snow to fill up the reservoirs and soak the forests, but it sure does make fat bike grooming challenging. We hope you’re able to get out and enjoy the snow and sunshine in other ways, too!


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