Fat Bike Etiquette

North Village Winter Trail, Photo by Summit Aerial Media

…or, how to make and keep friends on winter trails.

  • DO: Yield to hikers.
  • DO: Play nice with nordic skiers.
  • DON’T: Don’t ride (or walk) in the 2 track (classic xc ski track) It destroys it for others.
  • DO: Tip your cap to snowmobilers. Our local club has been super-welcoming to the sport of fat biking and packs in many options for our benefit.
  • DO: Clean up after Fido, and yes, take the baggie with you. No one loves your dog’s poop as much as you do.
  • DO: Ride a soft tire so you don’t chew up the trail – keep it below 10 psi on groomed and improved trails.
  • DO: If leaving ruts or ruining the experience for other users…. go home!  You’re not doing anyone any favors.
  • DO: If you have a muddy tire, wipe it off or spin it off in a snowbank or something besides the groomed trail. The mud causes additional and uneven melting when the sun hits it.
  • DO: Tell someone your ride plan, and bring enough layers to keep you warm on the up (hot) and the down (cold).
  • DO: Support your local grooming club – groomed trails don’t just fall from the sky.


Bottom line: Be cool. Share the trails, share the love!


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