Cement Creek Road

Ride Details

Difficulty: Beginner
Status: Groomed
Distance: up to 7.5 miles one way
Last Groomed: 01/30/2024
Climb:1177 ft. one way
Trail Type: Groomed Road
Descend:All that you climbed
Ride Area:


Sponsored by Pioneer Guest Cabins and groomed by stalwart volunteer Al Smith, Cement Creek Rd is a staple amongst the Winter Trail amenities provided.   Groomed 10′ wide, there may be a divider in the middle, but the Cement Creek drainage is a great example of shared use and user harmony.  A benefit to all, Al’s grooming is supported and under a special permit with CBMBA, but Al uses all his own vehicles and devices for grooming.  Make sure you give Al a big high 5 and be sure to stay properly caffeinated with Camp 4 Coffee!

Cement Creek Road is a motorized road, and sees users of all kinds.  Be respectful of each other out there, there’s room for all and this is a happy place to see it happen in action!

Use the TrailForks winter layer for a complete map of Crested Buttes fat bike trails.

This road enters avalanche terrain, do not ride without the necessary equipment, education, and precautions.

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