Cement Creek Road

Ride Details

Difficulty: Beginner
Distance: 7.5 - 9 mi.
Status: Newly Groomed
Last Groomed:
Trail Type: Groomed Road
Trail Conditions:

Super Al of Camp 4 Coffee is hard at it, grooming Cement Creek regularly. Flats, 2 track, sleds, bikes…. you name it!  

If you’re going crust riding, be sure to know your property boundaries to avoid trespassing! The CBG Trails Winter Layer can help. 


Thanks to grooming fanatic from Camp 4 Coffee, Al Smith, for all his efforts to keep Cement Creek in good shape!



Groomed by stalwart volunteer Al Smith of Camp 4 Coffee, Cement Creek Rd is a staple amongst the Winter Trail amenities provided.   Groomed 10′ wide, there may be a divider in the middle, but the Cement Creek drainage is a great example of shared use and user harmony.  A benefit to all, Al’s grooming is supported and under special permit with CBMBA, but Al uses all his own vehicles and devices for grooming.  Make sure you give Al a big high 5 and be sure to stay properly caffeinated with Camp 4 Coffee!

Proposed in 2017 is to groom further up the road towards Hunter Creek Trail, 7.5 miles of groomed track. Condition/season dependent, Al keeps it groomed up to the ‘switchbacks’ about 4.5 miles from the Winter Trailhead.

Cement Creek Road is a motorized road, and sees users of all kinds.  Be respectful of each other out there, there’s room for all and this is a happy place to see it happen in action!

PARKING: You fat bikers you…. you can park in CB South, just off highway 135, at Camp 4 Coffee and ride out Cement Creek Road to the trailhead and the goodness.  You can also park a few cars at the ‘Caves Trailhead’, just 1.5 miles up the road, or at the Winter Trailhead itself, 3.8 miles up Cement Creek Road (FS#740) from the 135 turnoff.

TIP: Be on the lookout for moms, dads, kids, strollers, chariots, snowmobiles, fat bikes, walkers, snowshoers, skiers, joggers, dogs, mountain lions, lynx, bobcat and Al Smith.  If you are ‘punching in’, consider another use or another time, be respectful of other users, and PLEASE pick up after your dog!

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